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Re: Prophet 08'

Post by matia » Mon Mar 09, 2009 9:47 pm

wow ... never thought i'd hear anyone say the Andromeda is thin. I think there is a definite narrowness about the DSI P08 but not the Andormeda. I had one for many years and while you could program it to be a bit thinner the synth was tonally gigantic. Especially the string sounds ...


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Re: Prophet 08'

Post by Pilot352 » Mon Mar 09, 2009 11:43 pm

Joey wrote:
Pilot352 wrote:
stikygum wrote:So the P 08 doesn't have the sub-osc the Mopho has right? I'm guessing that's the reason they're not seen as bassy.
As others have said, no, It doesn't have a dedicated sub. But the P'08 can be set up where you can make a sub out of a remaining unused oscillator in mono mode. Setting one of the unused oscillators to a sin wave and setting the scale so it's real low... walah!! instant sub oscillator.
except tahts impossible because the prophet doesnt produce a sine wave

most patches will be two oscillators anyway

a way i have found to fatten up the sound is to make a two layer 'stack' patch, and then use the second layer as your sub oscillators

if its a bass you are going to do ti in mono anyway, so you dont need polyphony

Ok you win... I mean triangle. Not quite a sin wave but close enough for rock and roll :mrgreen:
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Re: Prophet 08'

Post by Murderhausen » Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:12 am

I spent a good deal playing with one of these guys at a Guitar Center as well, and in the end found myself more drawn toward the Minimoog Voyager which I had demoed several times previously. It sounded nice and classic, maybe not enormous in the bass department (but I would agree with the sentiment that poly synths are not always the best place to find basses, but what I really HATED were the endless rotary encoders. You're familiar with these on the Ion, and also probably familiar with the frustration of using your eyes more than your ears to program. I think congress should pass a law requiring manufacturers of analogue synths to use fixed rotaries.
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Re: Prophet 08'

Post by otto » Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:36 pm

I find myself a bit torn on the P’08. My being torn is mainly due to the fact that I’m trying to limit the amount of synths I have and don’t really want more than one poly analog and I’m not sure I want the P’08 to be my only analog poly. First I will say it is a great synth and the secret to bass or thicker sounds is stacking the voices. It’s much thicker used as a 4 osc per voice 4 voice synth, stacking A/B. I do find it capable of being nice and thick if needed but of course you sacrifice some polyphony to get there.

It is a DCO synth and to my ears sounds like a DCO synth, it sounds every bit as “vintage” as other DCO synths but doesn’t sound VCO vintage. The voices are more in tune with each other and it’s a bit smoother, cleaner and predictable sounding than a VCO synth but no more so than say a alpha juno, Matrix6, etc. So I think if you go into the prophet ’08 realizing your getting a DCO synth that sounds like a DCO synth you’ll be pleased. However, if you go into it expecting a new Prophet 5 or Jupiter 8 etc. I think this is the point when you come to the realization that for better or worse, VCO and DCO do exhibit different characteristics. I know everyone hates the topic and it has been beaten to death but that’s my opinion. I guess the problem with the P’08 sounding like what it is, is that you can pick up similar sounding synths ala the matrix 6/6r/1000. Alpha Juno’s etc. for dirt cheap – the big difference is that most DCO synths came out when the manufactures were moving towards far less controllability and those synth miss a lot of the nice features the P’08 has. So, IMO the P’08 is kinda like the ultimate DCO in that it has lots of knobs and a lot of modulation and routing possibilities not to mention a very cool sequencer (one of the best features of DSI products). I think that if you keep that in mind, you’ll be more than pleased with the P’08 but if you’re expecting it to sound like the Prophet 5 or 600 you’ll probably be disappointed (not that you can’t get close on some sounds, it’s just not the general character of the synth).
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Re: Prophet 08'

Post by gd » Thu Mar 12, 2009 6:25 pm

I totally agree with your assertion Otto! I had a Voyager AE and was just not happy with it since I have owned my miniD for more than 30 years now. With the P08 I didn't want a P5 clone so for me I am happy with the differences in sound and the new features. I think that one of the issues that ppl. have had was created by using the Prophet name - might have to some believing it would be a repro. of the P5 which it was never intended to be. I know that you can program in the amt of slop (as with the Voyager's drift funtion) but it still is not the same as the original. For under $2k I think that we are getting a very good analogue board and it is compared to bd. that cost significantly more when new (Andromeda, OB8/Xa, P5 etc.)
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Re: Prophet 08'

Post by MPrint » Sat Mar 14, 2009 12:04 am

Ok so I finally got my 08 yesterday and logged about 6 hours on it. Wow! That's all I can say. The sound(while not vintage) is quite amazing. This thing really sings when coaxed in the proper direction. I can't really understand why anyone wouldn't like the sound, it's searing. I wasn't expecting a new P5 because I know the difference between DCO and VCO, but aside from that I read a very noteworthy synth reviewer say that it was very similar to a P600(although i've never played one so I can't really say). I can't wait to start recording with this thing, it definitely fills some holes in my sound and i'm so glad I got it. Bass sound take a little tweaking, but it's a small price to pay to have one of the better sounding analog poly-synths of today.

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