Which Synth Had The Worst User Interface Ever?

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Re: Which Synth Had The Worst User Interface Ever?

Post by gcoudert » Sun Aug 20, 2017 8:48 am

The Akai XE8 drum module is basically unusable without the manual, as is the Roland D70.

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Re: Which Synth Had The Worst User Interface Ever?

Post by blueknob » Sun Aug 20, 2017 12:06 pm

Some have mentioned the Mirage, indeed a front panel of a few buttons, so in 2000 I wrote a computer based editor, during that process I found the Mirage easy to program up, just don't use the front panel buttons! As usual, ensoniq have really thought the design through, every parameter is there (via sysex too).

Also with the DX7, not difficult to navigate the menus/parameters, but knowing what was going to happen, anyone's guess. :lol:

I currently use a Kawai K4, it's not good programming from the front panel, too much back and forth and convoluted menus. But using the SoundDiver editor is really easy. Was at a rehearsal and needed to slow up one of the ADSRs, I announced it need the computer editor, menu diving was not going to yield a result fast enough.

I think my pet hate (frustration) is the ESI-32 and those zones. Easy enough to set up, but how does one return another day to inspect what is where? The manual isn't that good, it's more of a direct lead path and doesn't mention how to return another day to see how assignments were done.

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Re: Which Synth Had The Worst User Interface Ever?

Post by zukskywalker » Sun Aug 20, 2017 4:17 pm

Good old thread resurrected, so just for yucks...

POKE 54296,15:POKE 54296,0 make a click sound

Now THAT's a user interface!


BTW: I had a very strange synth trajectory (C64>CZ-101>DX7IIFDE!>Mirage rack>Prophecy>FS1r). Big fun!

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