The New Tom Oberheim SEM Thread

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Re: The New Tom Oberheim SEM Thread

Post by jaypodesta » Tue Sep 17, 2013 5:11 pm

Cybercardinal wrote:
jaypodesta wrote: No patch points though? Any ideas - prototype maybe?
There will not be a version with all the patch points. Tom has decided not to do it.
What you see in the pic is what you get...
Bit of a shame. Prob needs to update the description on his page sharpish! ;)

Each module (both SEMs, Mini-Sequencer, Keyboard Control) has mini-jack patch points (over 50 patchpoints)

Kenneth wrote:I would have liked to see it built into the road case like the original. May not be pretty, but it is practical.
Maybe delete this pic as well -looks like when they did the mockups it was maybe gonna be road case possible too


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