Why can't anyone release a small VA with analog filters ?

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Re: Why can't anyone release a small VA with analog filters ?

Post by DisasterArea » Wed Aug 19, 2009 12:31 am

I'm pretty sure the Spectralis has only the single pair of analogue filters in a single dedicated voice. Very hard to figure out from Spectralis website, but polyphony is only mentioned in the context of a second DSP based sound engine. The one voice with the analogue filters is hybrid though.[/quote]

The OP said nothing about polyphony concerns. Spectralis is the only unit mentioned that meets his criteria: small (it is smaller than a full size 61 key synth), young enterprising outfit, currently produced, and it has VA synthesis and analog filters. All right, so it doesn't technically have a keyboard, so if that is a sticking point, I would venture to say that such a synth does not currently exist...
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