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Re: Yamaha cs60 - what do people think

Postby kineticsoundprism » Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:37 pm

[quote="synthlab"]love to know peoples thoughts on the cs60 and

i had the cs 60 here for a few months after adding it to my p5 and chroma and i really didnt find it that cool .It somehow lacked something or didnt grab me.I am in love with all the analogues i kept and as they grabbed me and still do , the cs60 didnt and although it had a lovely sound i found it quite 2d on some level or lacking , i still dont know why .I spent weeks trying to find its soul and in the end just didnt fall in love with it which was weird as i love simple analogue sounds and gear with soul and it had soul but it felt wrong...

Personally i would go for the cs50 or 80 only , the cs60 felt a bit like half a cs80 and its the 2 layers of osc etc that i believe make the cs80 so magic as you get wonderfull detuned and chordal notes and of course it has that aftertouch.

I say all this but i still question why i didnt like the cs60 and love most other synths along its lines.
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