Resist buying, save up for the big one

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Re: Resist buying, save up for the big one

Post by Synthazaiser » Sun Nov 22, 2009 6:56 am

"Oh s@#t yes, I can very much relate to this. Haven't really been as musically "free" and inspired quite like when I used just 1 synth"

I've kind of realized I don't need every sound on my sonic palette I could possibly have by having lots of synths. I had gradually amassed lots of synths and so I've sold a bunch and traded one for a monosynth to use as my primary instrument. I'm trading another for a drum machine I've always wanted (I don't have any other drum machines). I'm using this money to buy a nice sequencer to run it all.
The only other gear I'll have then when this is done is my cheapish string machine which I think is necessary. I also use it to do homework and a little Casio because it's not worth anything and is tiny.
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Re: Resist buying, save up for the big one

Post by monaro » Sun Nov 22, 2009 10:41 am

Hey there again :)

This whole thread has been a great help to me.

The day after I read this thread, still kind of confused, I went and recorded a new song purposly using things I hadnt used much before and then in ways that I havnt used them.
And it was fun and educational. I felt that I had pushed my limits again.

I have decided to re organize both rooms of my studio so that everything is ready and easy to use at all times and I have decided to keep minimal plugins too. I think I have only 4 soft synths now, 7 mcdsp processors, 6 IK processors and pod farm.
Ease of use plays a big part. I think when you got loads of gear you often need to start pluging and unpluging just to use your stuff which isnt a good thing when your on a roll. Quite a creativity killer and sometimes stops you from even switching it on cos of the hassles involved.
I also found that being surrounded by gear when Im trying to create made me feel very unfocused and it just sucked the fun right out. So Im going to make like a "play area" where all the fun hardware stuff goes so that me and/or freinds can just play around and create without feeling that something must come of it (which seems to be when it actually does) and then another area where its quite a bare bones PC-controller-rack and monitors based recording area with out the distractions of synths and other stuff.
That way I can concentrate on being a musican and writing songs not just being a collector of instruments.

This thread has been a great help to me in getting focused again, A big thank you to you all.
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