Key Contact Repair Kit

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Key Contact Repair Kit

Post by Dogpupkus » Wed Nov 18, 2009 6:55 am

I picked up a Poly-61 this weekend for $50 due to some keys not working.

All contacts are clean, so I figure the contact surface on the little rubber bubble contact thingys are bad.

Some Google searching kept bringing me to "Oak Tree Vintage's Contact Repair Kit."
$39.99 + Ship.

Looked a bit more, found what looks to be the same exact kit for $16 + Ship.
MCM Electronics, Rubber Keypad Repair Kit
( ... 5-/20-3890)

Both look to be put out by Chemtronics which have been discussed a few times on here before after some searching.
Supposed to work wonders.

I just put my order in with MCM. Their shipping table said I'd get my package in a day or two.

Thought I'd share, save a few bucks.

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