Analog Octave>Fuzz>VFF for MIDI Bass - Suggestions?

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Analog Octave>Fuzz>VFF for MIDI Bass - Suggestions?

Post by jufros » Fri Nov 20, 2009 10:11 am

I'm looking for tons of input on any aspect of this...

I've pretty much sold everything I had in my former bass synth rig. As much as I love the sounds I was getting, I really need more presets, faster switching, and a lot more versatility. So I'm venturing into Hex pickup territory and I bought a used Axe-Fx Ultra to use as a 4-channel mixer, insanely powerful effects module, and general use preamp, eq, compressor, etc. I got to play one in the flesh and was instantly sold.

So, I've actually been a pretty avid keyboardist throughout my musical career, but I was always much more interested in playing than sound sculpting. I've reached a point now on both instruments where I'm really starting to care about both.

So far, I've picked up a Novation A-Station for bread and butter VA bass sounds, an MAM Warp 9 Analog Filter to process A-Station patches and Axe-Fx patches, and an Access Virus Rack for more aggressive hyper-modern sounds that I really dig. I also picked up an AKAI MB76 mixer controllable line mixer / router that I'll be using to mix parallel patches, route elements into the Axe-Fx's effects loop, Warp 9, A-Station's external input, Virus' input, etc.

I grabbed a MOTU MIDI Timepiece MTPAV as well, thinking that I'm definitely going to need be able to re-channel, route, and filter a significant amount of MIDI data, especially considering the fact that the older units don't have any MIDI-mapping capability and precious few memory slots.

I'm looking for a decent MIDI foot controller option that can send multiple CC's from one expression pedal. Any thoughts?

I'm going to dedicate my 8 space rack to synths, mixers, and routers, and put the Axe-Fx Ultra and my power amp in a second 4U rack so that I have a lot of flexibility and portability as well as firepower.

I've been doing some hip hop-type gigs recently, but my electronic musical interests are more along the lines of UK Drumfunk acts (Fracture and Neptune, Breakage), Dense production electro house (Shinichi Osawa), and then 16th note subdivided liquid stuff ala recent Herbie Hancock with a soft spot for Jamiroquai.

I'm thinking that I should really get the following...

1) A really fat analog rack synth. The only thing is, I'm kind of into routing and I don't really want to throw down for a Moog, so I'm thinking about the Waldorf Pulse right now.

2) A ROM-based rack synth with a good sampler and flexible software engine. I'm town between the Kurzweil K2500 and Roland Fantom XR. I want to do things like sample a novation patch, feed that into the Warp 9 or Virus, and Axe-Fx, and then mix the two signals in parallel along with just enough of a 100% dry octave down from the Axe to give the sound a little more body than it would have otherwise.

The Fantom seems like it's an excellent sampler and that I'd be able to coax a lot of different sounds out of it. I definitely like the synth engine much more than the one my old Triton had. The routing is not incredibly deep but you can do a lot with layering. It's probably going to be easier to draw up sketches of sounds quickly on the Fantom and then tweak them afterwards.

The Kurzweil definitely trumps the Roland as far as routing flexibility is concerned, and that's very appealing to me. I'm kind of obsessed with routing and sonic experimentation. I'm not out to make noise by any stretch of the imagination but I'm not really content to do what's been done a million times before at this point either. I'm worried that I'm going to get bogged down in the Kurzweil because I can. I don't need the Fantom's effects I don't know. Still up in the air on this one but looking for input.

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Re: Analog Octave>Fuzz>VFF for MIDI Bass - Suggestions?

Post by speak_onion » Fri Nov 20, 2009 9:51 pm

I've completley lost the plot on your setup, man, but I will say that I find the Pulse to be one of the most boring synths I've heard. Basically any free VA plugin you can download sounds better than that thing. To me.

Evolver can be mounted on a rack shelf and it has an envelope follower and the delay section can be used for some nice resonator FX. That might work better for you.

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