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Six D-50 Patches for ID (Italo Disco)

Posted: Tue Feb 02, 2010 2:58 am
by Italo_DX
Here's the deal. Last December I sold my Ensoniq SQ-80 to get something else. I loved the sequencer, the gritty analog sounds, and the intuitive interface but hated the clacky keyboard action and overly-crusty digital PCM samples. I wanted a D-50! I finally tracked one down and I'm making the 400 mile round trip tomorrow to pick it up.

While looking through some old D-50-heavy "eurobeat" tracks from the late '80s I heard two pretty cool patches. The first is an airy pad with plenty of classic D-50 LA character. The second is a percussive lead sound. You can hear the patches in that order here:

D-50 Unknown.mp3 - 0.91MB

I have a feeling these are presets or perhaps available on ROM cards. Any D-50 buffs with the answer?

Re: Two D-50 Patches for ID

Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:04 pm
by Italo_DX

Re: Six D-50 Patches for ID (Italo Disco)

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2010 2:06 am
I have the SQ-80 and a D-550 and like Italo Disco/ Euro Disco as well. I listened to all of those sounds and many of them sound like what are on the Roland factory cards. Although the first Roland card ("PN-D50-01") mostly goes for +$65, you can get cards 'PN-D50-02' through 'PN-D50-04' for around $20 if your patient and willing to search ebay every day. I paid less that $20 less than a year ago and I'm willing to bet you still can, just snipe the cards with, that's how I got mine.

The double sided cards called "PA DECODER" from Germany are suburb and offer many bread and butter analog sounds, but I have never seen one go for under $70.

You may already know about it, but there is a wonderful D-50 page that will let you listen to most every Roland D-50 card ever made here: ... tml#Roland

As far as late 80's Italo Disco is concerned, Den Harrow's "Lies" from 1988 is almost completely D-50 sounds. It's a good demonstration of what the D-50 can do, you may be able to find it here ;) ... w-mp3.html

Good luck with your D-50 hunting. Finding cards may seem like a pain in the a*s now, but once you have 2-3 cards, you quickly find that sounds overlap and you will then more than likely have your Italo-sound archive. 8-)