Stores with Used/Vintage Keyboards

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Re: Stores with Used/Vintage Keyboards

Post by RD9 » Wed May 19, 2010 2:39 am

SubliminalEffect wrote:
Hair wrote:
V301H wrote:Three Wave Music in Hawthorne, NJ stocks a few vintage items:
UNDERSTATEMENT. The last time I went there he had about 6 Pro-5s and CS-30s, maybe 4 MS-20s, a bunch of Minimoogs and SH-101s and all sorts of similar awesomeness, plus unique stuff like a Moog Sonic Six. His prices are typically higher than say eBay, but he's an amazing tech (and a really nice guy) so the price is totally worth the work he put into each synth before selling. Also stocks some new stuff like DSI and Jomox, for instance.

I understand Three Wave is really the only place that insane in the Northeast, though there's also Armen's in NYC but he doesn't seem to sell any of the good stuff he has.

I know I've posted about Three Wave before, but I have no affiliation with them, they're just awesome.
just in case any of you are wondering how come a new store people have never heard of has such a large collection of vintage synths, the person behind Three Wave Music is Sam/Osamu (i forget his last name at the moment but it's Japanese), aka Dr. Sound, same as the store he ran in SoHo/Manhattan. i've been a customer of his since 1989 when i purchased an Oberheim Matrix 1000. i'd have no problem recommending his new store if you're looking for a vintage synth - i certainly did so during the last NAMM show after he showed me photographs of what he has in stock.
Sam Masuko. I think he used to work for Hammond as well as Oberheim(?). When I visited the store, he even set up the synths I wanted to look at in advance. So when I walked in they were already lined up and hooked up to an amp. Great guy.

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Re: Stores with Used/Vintage Keyboards

Post by bad andy » Thu Jul 21, 2011 4:54 pm

I don't mean to dig up an old thread but I have to exclaim a BIG Thumbs up ++ for Sam and

After researching for a relatively local tech, this thread brought me to Sam, and the fact he was Dr. Sound from NYC years ago. He'd done work for me in the past (15 yrs. ago) and since he was still local I decided to bring my OB8 down to him again, at his place in NJ.

I was not disappointed, he fixed her up beautifully and she is purring perfectly right now. I can highly recommend his services.

I can also highly recommend his shop - which is overflowing with drool-worthy synths we all dream about. Some of the stuff in there I've never even seen in person so it was quite a treat just to walk around and check things out.

Thumbs up Sam - thanks

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Re: Stores with Used/Vintage Keyboards

Post by gd » Mon Jul 25, 2011 4:42 pm

In the Toronto area there is Pauls Boutique.
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Re: Stores with Used/Vintage Keyboards

Post by Jimmy » Mon Jul 25, 2011 10:52 pm

In Melbourne there is Synth Service Melbourne which is more of a service center, but they usually have 3 or 4 synths for sale. There is also the Music Swop Shop which often has some cool stuff in its Keybooard section.

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