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CV/gate patchbay and Silent Way

Posted: Thu May 27, 2010 8:06 pm
by dr funk
I've just started experimenting with Silent Way and my CS15, and I'm loving it! It's my first step into CV/gate territory and it's really opening my eyes to the creative possibilities. I had been planning to get MIDI-CV conversion and a hardware CV/gate step sequencer, but I think Silent Way's Step LFO will do the job very nicely and save me a load of cash in the process.

I also have other CV/gate synths and now I want to be able to trigger them all from Silent Way. :mrgreen: So there's a CS15, Prophet 5 Rev 2, Polymoog 203a and a Minimoog (which will be arriving shortly) - all waiting for CV/gate control! I also have a Polysix and ARP Omni 2, but they only have CV inputs to the VCF.

The problem is that my DAW is in the control room and my synths are in the live room, so I've been thinking about getting a 1/4" patchbay for all the CV/gate signals. I have 10 tie lines between the control room and live room, so it would be quite easy to patch separate outs from my converter down to the live room and get 10 CV/gate/VCF/VCA signals to the synths. This would kill two birds with the one stone, because I can also run cabling from the patchbay to the external audio inputs of the synths and use them as FX processors from the DAW.

The first pitfall appears to be the CS15 - unfortunately it won't play from its own keyboard if CV/gate cables are plugged in. OTOH, the P5 continues to play from its own keyboard after plugging in external CV cables, but goes dead if a cable is plugged into its VCA input. Is there any way around this? It would be great to have a system that I can set up once, and either trigger the synths externally or from their own keyboards without constantly plugging/unplugging CV/gate cables.

Any ideas? Has anyone done this with non-modular synths?