What was the Deepest Synth you ever bought?

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Re: What was the Deepest Synth you ever bought?

Post by vinyl_junkie » Sun Jan 23, 2011 12:32 am

Your mum..she was pretty deep

Id' say the wavestation is not as deep as it seems, it's just that it's complete wank to program, made by some iddiots in white lab coats that probs don't get out much...shame cos it CAN sound really nice once you get past those awfull patches, ski-jam WTF is all that bollocks about...erassse

I sold mine cos I gave up the will to live from just looking at it...Blofeld got close and is a lot easyer to program and had resonant filters, sound isn't as hi-fi though but that's cos the Blofeld has crappy convertors that suck more than what is on my Micro Q...I must fit a digital output to it one day when I can be bothered, there is a mod out there thank god.

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Re: What was the Deepest Synth you ever bought?

Post by Analogue Crazy » Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:59 pm

For me it's the A6 and DX7, my two favourite Synths.

The A6 is my only Analogue Synth (shocking considering my username!) and provides my band with huge unique Synth sounds. I always take it out live, it's complexity allows it to create any Synth sound we desire. It's a huge part of our sound, everyone always asks me about it and wishes they had it instead of their VA. The Andromeda is my perfect Synth: Analogue, Complex, Characterful and Reliable.

The DX7 is my favourite Digital board, when at home i spend most of my time playing and programming it. I have learned FM over the last couple of years and am now very good at programming it. I also have a DX11 and it compliments the DX7 wonderfully. I love it as much as the DX7, it's got a rather different character and is very versatile for a 4 OP Synth.
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