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Re: SUNSYN mk2

Post by memory cords » Tue Oct 19, 2010 7:58 pm

mao wrote:It's exactly what I'm trying to say. We not have infinite money. We need to save and We like having more than one synth. That's why We doesn't spend 5000€ for ONE synth.
But it's not profitable for him if he charges less than 5000 euros. You expect him to work for nothing?

He's made a good synth. He's set a price that takes into account his time, effort and the materials he had to buy to assemble it.

Now the market will decide. Just because most of the people on this board can't afford it doesn't mean nobody can. For professional musicians 5000 euros isn't that much, they spend that kind of money on high quality gear. This board does not represent the whole synth community, just a small section of it. The majority of members on this forum are amateurs and hobbyists so of course most people's funds are limited.

He only needs to sell ten of them anyway, I have no doubt that he can sell them all.

Previously a big reason many people (including me) didn't buy one was because of the many rumours of unreliability. I had an opportunity to buy a mk 1 Sunsyn last month for 2000 dollars but some of the oscillators were dead and it had the earliest OS so I didn't get it. But most of the bugs and problems should be fixed in this new mk 2 version.

Personally, of course I wish it was much cheaper, but the guy has to make a living. I can't blame him for that.

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