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Re: Flipping gear

Posted: Thu Oct 28, 2010 1:49 am
by Solderman
Cumulus wrote:I do not think the demand is driven by the selling of gear - rather the selling of gear is driven by the demand.
No argument there. I was questioning the motive of the increased demand in the first place. If people were not tempted to sell for a big profit, and instead keep and use their gear for longer, (ie. a gear setup they are happy with) perhaps even until they break and can't be easily repaired, the demand would have to drop to only the most willing participants, and the reliability risk only increases.
One could argue this leaves more time, for more people who want an item, to increase the queue on a waiting list for that item. But maybe by this time you've gotten tired of waiting and found something else that was easier to get and cheaper. This is especially true with all the new synth niche markets appearing.
Media outlets like youtube videos, that propagate GAS on massive levels and can be watched repeatedly at your convenience, are making this idea obsolete, I understand. The intention might be to expose the public to some item that may never be sold by the presenter, but it still fuels the fire of gearlust, so when someone else sells one, that demand is, by now, unquenchable and the price naturally will be high. So yeah, I do get it. I certainly don't like it.

Perhaps an uninformed speculation on my part, and most definitely naive, but I think plausible. How 'bout you?

Re: Flipping gear

Posted: Thu Oct 28, 2010 6:25 pm
by Cumulus
I think if less people were willing to sell their gear then the price would most likely increase. That may result in less units being sold but there would be more profit per unit because the same number of people would be bidding on fewer items.

Maybe I'm not very susceptible to peer pressure but I have never wanted a piece of gear based on its availability. If I want something it's because it fulfulls a want or a need.

I am not a believer in supply-side economics.

I do believe that YouTube videos (and synth forums) contribute to GAS. I have certainly discovered new synths through these channels/ Suddenly I may want somethign I didn't know existed last week.

Now, if people would do more with what they have and not constantly buy "new" equpment than that would definitely have an impact on prices.

When I do buy something on impulse it is only because the price is so low I can't resist. I have a short list of gear that I really want and a very long list of gear that I would buy if it showed up for less than half od what the going price is.

If everybody shopped like me, Minimoogs would be $500.00 and MS-20's would be $200.00.

Re: Flipping gear

Posted: Thu Oct 28, 2010 6:48 pm
by Ashe37
Another thing pushing up prices is simply the competitive nature of ebay auctions. If you 'have to have it' you pay more, an d that means the next guy expects to get something close to the same price for his Moogerolorg 52.1 poryphonic synthalizer only 1400 made

Re: Flipping gear

Posted: Thu Oct 28, 2010 8:07 pm
by Sir Ruff
Ashe37 wrote:Moogerolorg 52.1 poryphonic synthalizer only 1400 made
Which revision is it?

Re: Flipping gear

Posted: Thu Oct 28, 2010 9:39 pm
by blavatsky
I like flipping...I don't have the room or money for all the gear i try, and hey some of it sucked anyway :)

microkorg sold got alesis micron
alesis micron + mpd16 traded for Korg EMX1
EMX1 traded for RS7000 (kept)
DSI mopho sold to get evolver
evolver, blofeld, korg em-1 , emu mp7 sold to fund Virus TI (kept)
novation nova trade for a MFOS WSG and cash
MFOS WSG traded for circuit bent MT240 (ugh, not a good trade for me)
JX8P and a DJX , bought and flipped both in a month (for a loss, i was too nice with pricing..)

latest flip...
JX3p w/ pg200, sold to buy Eventide Timefactor

Re: Flipping gear

Posted: Fri Oct 29, 2010 4:41 pm
by metrosonus
Having kids helps shed some light on the situation :lol: usually when it's my 8 year old the rules are different. i expect him to stick it out, use the cheaper stuff until he gets the hang of it and i encourage him to commit to a decision.

I my case, i tend to feel like i'm older, I have more stress, I make more money (obviously) and some how i'm entitled to keep flip flopping on stuff on whim, which is usually out of frustration for not having the proper time to put into using it all / hooking it up.

I finally decided i'm going to get a few softsynths to keep me occupied while i put money way for the stuff I do really want.

Speaking of that's another thing. people may flip gear too because they think saving for the one big piece they really do want isn't worth it, yet they'll spend more than that buying and selling and reselling.