Screw the iPad I want THIS!!!

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Re: Screw the iPad I want THIS!!!

Post by rharris07 » Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:23 pm

Automatic Gainsay wrote:
space6oy wrote: why am i not at all surprised...
I'm sorry, the part of your post which addresses what I actually said seems to be missing.
haha no one else find this hilarious except for me?

I do think this would be great - how long it'll take to turn into something great, who the h**l knows. A textured touch screen would be the first reason why I'd spend a ton of money to pick up something like this...a texture that is clear, touch sensitive and allows a more realistic feel to what you're interacting with would be a huge step forward in my eyes. Aside from the better feel of synth pads/drum pads/guitar strings/etc. possibly provided by the texture on a touch screen...can you imagine the p**n possibilities with that!?

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