Vince Clarke - 'The Cabin'

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Re: Vince Clarke - 'The Cabin'

Post by madtheory » Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:31 pm

Automatic Gainsay wrote:What aspiration could possibly compare to "we used synths because they seemed easy.""
Yes, that's what he says, because he's being modest. In fact he does not do it the easy way. Or at least, I don't think the process he uses (of writing a song on guitar, programming it on a BBC Micro, transferring the notes and patterns into a Roland MC-8 microcomposer by hand, then multitracking, and not using polysynths) is "easy".

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Re: Vince Clarke - 'The Cabin'

Post by rschnier » Sun Feb 13, 2011 9:10 pm

Automatic Gainsay wrote:I am very grateful that upon seeing that room full of all of the best synths ever... instead of envy, I just felt stress. At the point at which I had the most analog synths I've ever had... it was stressful. Knowing I had all of them and that I wasn't playing them all and that all of them were aging... I don't know. It was almost unpleasant. I felt that way seeing those rows of gear. Whew. : )
I understand what you're speaking of, but it's possible to overcome it. Just focus on how the synth has a much better home with you than with some runny-nosed kid whose sole aspiration is to get it to do a dubstep wobble. :mrgreen:
-- R.

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Re: Vince Clarke - 'The Cabin'

Post by atticus » Mon Feb 14, 2011 1:13 am

Automatic Gainsay wrote:As for him, he's nice enough. It's just that the whole "everyman" quality regarding music that came out of England from the late-seventies on makes me shudder. What aspiration could possibly compare to "we used synths because they seemed easy."
You might be ignoring the fact that Vince and every English person born before the nineties are made of 90% self-deprecation, the everyman stuff is just to cover embarassment when they are fantastic at something. If there has been better analogue programming than on Erasure's self-titled album I've yet to hear it, shame about the lyrics and vocals.

I'm a big fan of you Marc, no offence intended at all.
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