Help making this sound?

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Help making this sound?

Post by Jaxamillian » Sun Jan 23, 2011 8:03 am

That badass terminator sound effect at about :25 of this video-

I have a MicroKorg and also Propellorhead Reason. I'm really a newb to synthesis, so curious if you guys can help me make this sound.

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Re: Help making this sound?

Post by polar69 » Sun Jan 23, 2011 9:37 am

Maybe the patch designer himself could tell you ? ... e&u=101483

I would love to find a stash of jexus patches for my AN1X :ugeek:

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Re: Help making this sound?

Post by Zamise » Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:15 am

Not sure I could pull all the settings, but it sounds a lot like Prophetic Ba:035 on my AN1X. Your synth would have to be similarly capable to reproduce it and I don't know your synths. If it helps any here are some of the more important settings on that patch.

wave pulse
pitch -24
fine tune +6
Edge 76
PW 68
PWM depth +2
PWM Source LFO2

wave mix
pitch -24
fine tune -6
edge 76
PW 38
PWM depth 23
PWM source fixed

attack 22
decay 49
sustain 43
release 41

attack 18
decay 64
sustain 127
release 46
feedback 69
volume 94
amod depth -6
vel sens 34

algo only FM
Pitch src fixed
syncpmodsw both
fm source1 fixed
fm source2 vco2

Peg decay 38
LFO1 sine
LFO1 speed 92
LFO2 speed 33

vco1 level 127
vco2 level 127
HPF cutoff 70
filter type LPF18

Layer Mono Unison

Also, I can see he is using the pitch wheel to bend the pitch down.

And ya, thats Jexus here, PM him or message him on the tube see if he remembers it. You'd still need someone to translate the settings for making a similar sound on your synth tho, good luck.
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