Interesting examples of ring modulation?

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Re: Interesting examples of ring modulation?

Post by goom » Sun Jan 01, 2012 6:29 pm

Here's a ring mod sound I made using my modular. Here's the description I wrote on the page:

This foundation of this sound is a dual oscillator sawtooth patch. An additional pair of oscillators are fed into a ring modulator. The ring modular output is filtered and modulated by an EG. The ring mod's filter output is processed by a sub octave generator, which doesn't drop the pitch an octave; it instead creates a pitched noise effect. Apparently this is due to the swept filter effect. I then feed the filtered ring mod to a VCA, and it's noise-laden cousin to another VCA. One VCA is modulated by an LFO. The other VCA is modulated by the LFO's iinverted signal. This causes the processed and unprocessed ring mod signals to fade between themselves. All of these signals are mixed together for the final sound.

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