Bought an Ensoniq Fizmo - tips tricks?

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Re: Bought an Ensoniq Fizmo - tips tricks?

Postby DLovas » Sun Sep 04, 2011 6:55 am

tallowwaters wrote:

Not sure, I just had the Sounddiver editor specific to the Fizmo. Why not try it and tell us?

yup full sounddiver works fine with the fizmo using it the way i described... i have access to all of the envelope controls and effects parameters... i must say though, im a bit dismayed that one cannot alter the FX mix level for each voice respectively... its pretty much a HAVE EFFECTS or DONT HAVE EFFECTS situation, and you can only have one effect per preset i dont want this same phaser on each of the voices, i expected 1 effect per voice.... rant is over - i love this synth despite my short ownership of it, im sure ill get over its shortcomings, it handles a lot of stuff as it is... i definitely plan to get a second if i can
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Re: Bought an Ensoniq Fizmo - tips tricks?

Postby tom Cadillac » Mon Sep 05, 2011 8:14 am

I would consider the fizmo a self contained sounscape world - just play and explore - so much can change. Its not really particularly good at anything special (though the appegiator is fabulous as already said). Just enjoy to lose yourself in its unique world of sound.
"On the following day , the sorcery undespairingly continued: I changed my series, chose other sequences, cut other lengths, spliced different progressions, and hoped afresh for a miracle in sound." (Stockhausen)
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