Triadex "The Muse" score!

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Re: Triadex "The Muse" score!

Postby Micke » Fri Jun 22, 2012 3:36 pm

The article/interview was published in the march 1979 issue of Contemporary Keyboard (CK), the same month as UK's
2nd album was released. It's mostly about their self-titled debut album and the subsequent tour. In the 2nd part of the interview (Eddie talked to CK for the first time in oct '78 and then again in early '79) they're discussing Eddie's new instruments: a multimoog (not part in his setup), Prophet 5 and another Minimoog.

I just listened to the rapid (high-pitched) sequence on Alaska/Time to kill and I'm pretty sure it was done on
the Muse too. Eddie didn't yet use a sequencer with the VCS3 at that point and he only used the ARP 2500 for the
sequencer part in "Nevermore" so...
"The (Yamaha) CS-80 is a step ahead in keyboard control, and a generation behind in digital control" -- Dan Wyman, Jan 1979
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