Arpeggiator vs. chord repeater?

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Re: Arpeggiator vs. chord repeater?

Post by vicd » Thu Oct 04, 2012 10:45 pm

Thanks guys, many things to think over and to review!
Zamise wrote:The Maestro's arp is a bit strange. If I remember right it only plays 4 notes, first note doesn't arp by itself, every note after will play up to 4, those below the lowest wont register until you let up on one instead of dropping the earlier notes. The higher notes will kick in if you press it as a 5th as long as it is higher than the previous lowest note but it takes over the lowest note and stays unsorted.
I guess they've just put in a 4-notes-long FIFO memory buffer, and fed it from the keyboard scanner output, which is giving priority to higher notes.
Easy to explain if you remember the Formanta guys who designed Maestro were (primarily) defense industry electronics engineers. They approached it with more of a technical, not musical mindset. Result: it literally screams "I'm no musical instrument, I'm a DEVICE!" :lol:. Its waveforms (basic square/triangle/saw) tell you the same, although the voice chart pretentiously names them Strings, Woodwinds, Brass etc.

Zamise wrote:Good luck lining or snycing it up with something else, it does have some sort of trigger, what looks like a midi input, but the proper cord for it goes to a quarter inch jack from that plug whatever that is for on the back of it.
Nope, the DIN socket on the back is just a line out (and the 1/4" jack is the headphones out). I remember seeing some instructions for midifying it, but certainly not for weak souls like me - hacking in-between the keyboard controller and the sound generator, programming an additional controller chip, way too many chances to screw everything up.

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