Ever been tempted to sell everything and buy a Korg Poly800?

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Re: Ever been tempted to sell everything and buy a Korg Poly

Postby Synthetech » Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:14 pm

Walter Ego wrote:I'm waiting to get my newly modded PS-800 back from a tech

what mods did you get done Walter?

I think someone else nailed it with the comment about the Poly800 is easily modded with the Moogslayer mods.

So you combine a DCO voiced synth with a analog filter and people that want to do a little custom modding/tinkering and you get an ugly duckling synth that suddenly becomes very popular.

The HAWK800 mod will turn the poly into a very powerful filter FX unit similar to a Waldorf, Akai and other external VCF fx units.
It's very simple to input an external signal to the Korg's NJM2069 VCF chip and activate it via MIDI.. also tweaking of the VCF with the new midi controls with the HAWK OS adds to the fun.
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Re: Ever been tempted to sell everything and buy a Korg Poly

Postby Walter Ego » Thu Jul 18, 2013 10:55 pm

Synthetech wrote:what mods did you get done Walter?

these ones:

Moog Slayer Cutoff/Resonance mod
24/12db Filter cutoff switch
Audio in to route external instruments through the filter and chorus
Blue led character displays
FM mods for frequency modulation control
White noise control
New backup battery

these are most of the mods that circuitbenders.co.uk do for their "polybeast" mod. but there's a guy in NY state who really knows his stuff who has five others at the moment, and two or three modded EX-800's. there's also an FM source selector mod that can be done, but i didn't end up getting that.

i haven't done the HAWK or ATOMA HAWK mods, and with as much new analog as is coming out, i don't think i'll go that far. i may still spring for a Rocket. it would be fun to use with the 800's sequencer.

now...to get my DR-110 modded with MIDI clock sync in...
Walter Ego
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