Synth Deflation?

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Re: Synth Deflation?

Post by calaverasgrande » Thu Feb 07, 2013 12:43 am

Stab Frenzy wrote:It's nothing to do with quality at all (has anyone actually experienced how cheaply built the 303 is?) it's to do with rarity and exclusivity/status. Case in point is the 303, there are exact clones on the market now (with improvements to the sequencer which make them better for making music on without effecting the sound) and it hasn't brought the price down at all. People who want a 303 for making music can get a x0xb0x or bass bot tt for cheap, people who want to brag about the gear they own pay $2000+ for a 303. Watch the same thing happen with the MS-20.
Pretty much exactly.
There are all kinds of "better" versions of the 303 and the 808, but the prices on those continues to rise.
Ditto for Moog stuff. Minimoogs haven't gotten any cheaper since Bob brought his company back from the dead.
Heck the Realistic/Moog MG1 has gone up in price over the last couple of years (I think largely due to Motion City Soundtrack. They brag that they destroy a dozen MG1's on every tour).

The collectors are bad, but it's the Ebay lift effect really.
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