Traditional Analog sounds for SY77 SY99

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Re: Traditional Analog sounds for SY77 SY99

Post by CS_TBL » Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:35 pm

Bitexion wrote:The problem most have with pure FM is that it's like trying to learn how to fly an alien space ship.
The basics are really dead simple. There are few reasons for major confusion I can come up with:
- bad scientific manuals, bad scientific tutorials
- people don't start with a bare init sound but hope to find out how ready-made sounds make the sound they do. They'll only find out that one amplitude affects brightness while another amplitude affects loudness leaving them in the dark as for why one parameter isn't like the other parameter.
- there are several parameters all affecting something. For FM brightness there's 1) the level, 2) the scaling, 3) the velocity, 4) controllers like PB/MOD/AT, 5) the envelopes, 6) LFO, 7) the algorithm. All these parameters are located at various places in a DX, so the connection between these parameters and their direct effect is 1) not immediate and 2) fragmented.

Luckily there's a VSTi that has it all cured.. ^^
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Re: Traditional Analog sounds for SY77 SY99

Post by b3groover » Fri Mar 13, 2015 5:07 am

Thought I might put this here. I finally found a set of the SYN WAVE 2 cards on eBay for a reasonable price and made this little "demo" of some of the sounds last night.

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