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Re: Why do you use the Synthesizer you use most?

Posted: Fri Jun 27, 2014 7:03 am
by Europanaut
Most used synth. There's a pretty large selection here at the studio, but the one that gets powered up the most is the D50. Next would be....not really a "synth", but the Mellotron M4000D.

Both work great, feel great, and sound great.

The D50 has the Musitronic upgrade, and is a very powerful instrument. Well-past the old Native Dance-type presets.

And the Tron is such a beautiful sounding and feeling keyboard. This is when they really got it right. (I've had a lot of Trons over the years, and a Chamberlin, and this new machine is the best of the bunch.)

If we are talking mono synths, it would be the Arp ProSoloist. Wonderful tone, expressive to play, and always in tune. A very "organic" synth.