Korg NJM2069 VCF Filter Module?

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Korg NJM2069 VCF Filter Module?

Post by Synthetech » Wed Apr 09, 2014 5:20 pm

Anyone know of a filter module that uses the Korg NJM2069 VCF chip? The same IC used in Korg Poly 800's, DW8000's, DSS-1's and all their rack versions.

I'm not sure if Paul Maddox's Zira does external input for VCF or not..
it's the only currently sold synth item I know of that uses the 2069.

I was curious if there was even a market for a custom built filter module using the 2069 and perhaps an SSM2056 ADSR eg to give it smooth EG's.
The module I was envisioning would breakout the ADSR controls to knobs on the module to tweak.
More knobs for the VCF controls.
Add in a simple LFO with several waveforms to select.. controls for speed/depth and waveform select.

And let's throw in a MIDI interface to allow CV control of Filter Cutoff/Resonance and maybe LFO Speed/Depth. I'd limit it to just 4 digitally controlled potentiometers. But it'd also have up to 8 logic controls too for 0/5v outs to use on triggers/gates.

Any thoughts?
Think there's a market for a few custom units?
I can only guess they would have to sell for at least $250 each to cover parts/labor.. which would really be mostly ate up for parts and hardly anything left to cover labor :(

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