Items from Kling Klang Studio on eBay?

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Re: Items from Kling Klang Studio on eBay?

Post by ppg_wavecomputer » Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:02 am

8bit9bot wrote:just cuz some junk was laying around in a studio doesnt mean that people who used those studios put that junk on their records - just sayin
I tend to agree, but... this studio has never been open to the general public, and Florian Schneider is a confessing gearhead. Even though it seems highly unlikely they used a KPR-77 or Poly-800 on any Kraftwerk album, you can be sure that the double 19" trolleys were custom-built by Wolfgang Flür in the late 1970s and used on Kraftwerk´s 1981 world tour (and subsequent tours as well, up until 1993/94).

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