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Re: The Moog Modular was not an April's fool joke

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 1:24 pm
by Bitexion
The Minibrute does a really cool trick on it's sawtooth oscillator too. It has 1 VCO, but there is a "chorus" type waveform that makes a copy of the original saw and adds LFO modulation to it (speed adjusted with the sawtooth slider). It's all analog circuitry aswell. Makes it sound like you have 2-3 detuned VCO's on a single VCO. Pretty neat trick.

Re: The Moog Modular was not an April's fool joke

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 6:33 pm
by shaft9000
meatballfulton wrote:
When I see modular VCOs without octave switches or two knobs for coarse/fine tuning I just think epic fail. 50 years after the first Moogs it's amazing how many mfrs still don't bother to address the basic weaknesses.
Or you could look at it from the pov that the octave switch is just an adder circuit rigged into the frontend of the VCO's v/oct input.
Using a separate adder module between the keyboard/whatever and the buffered mult going to the VCOs v/oct input is better, imo. :idea:
This is because it has the advantage of switching the CV that is going to all the VCOs at once. One can begin to imagine the fun to be had by, say, e.g. sequencing the inputs, or mixing the v/oct source with an EG or two prior to input...Or weirder.

Unless they are made to be CV-addressable, it's kind of useless to put octave switches on-board each oscillator, but for use as a a footage shifter - a la an organ-player's selection of partials.

but hey, by all means 'get yer switch on' if it pleases ye