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Re: Moog Theremini

Post by meatballfulton » Tue Jun 03, 2014 7:50 pm

I'm actually thinking about this...

Manual is online, there's also a promised editor not yet online.

Effects are three ranges of delay (semi-programmable over MIDI).

MIDI output is half assed, it doesn't generate note messages, just pitch (you pick the CC) and volume (CC#7). So the target should be a drone with pitch mapped to a CC. Scaling this to actual notes is an exercise in the user's imagination...nothing in the manual about it. Or map the pitch antenna to any CC target you like. It does support 14 bit CCs.

CV is pitch volume CV :oops: so add a volume pedal to control your CV/gate analog.

Via the editor you get a choice of 7 waveforms including SuperSaw :shock: and a half dozen filter types. Then there's about two dozen CCs that can do deeper tweakage...maybe the editor as well? No info on whether the 32 presets may be overwritten.
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Re: Moog Theremini

Post by calaverasgrande » Tue Jun 03, 2014 10:17 pm

"Presets can be edited, modified and saved via MIDI. You can download a free Theremini
Preset editor at This valuable resource
allows a greater degree of editing control, the ability to create and save
custom presets, and access to many “under-the-hood” features. The Editor is
available for iOS, Mac, and Windows." ... l_5_30.pdf
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Re: Moog Theremini

Post by sourwookie » Wed Jun 04, 2014 12:46 am

Uh oh. The pitch correction and scale quantization makes it sound an awful lot like a D Beam ;)

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Re: Moog Theremini

Post by genshi » Sun Jun 15, 2014 7:56 pm

I received my Theremini the other day and it sounds and plays quite nicely. The construction/feel of it is pretty cheap though; more plasticky than I had hoped (including the antennas which feel plastic with a metallic powder-coating.)

But it plays just like an analog Theremin when the pitch correction is off, and when it is on, it actually can give interesting results. For example, the preset "Eire" (I think it's called) sounds like an ethereal synth flute in a minor pentatonic scale, and it just works in that scale for that particular sound, even though it is "stepping" through the notes. The neat thing about this Theremini though, even with pitch correction off, it still can help you to hit the correct notes since you can watch the on-screen tuner and see the actual notes you are playing. Brilliant!

And as for the rest of the sounds, most of them are pretty good with a couple of exceptions. The only real issue is, there are only 32 sounds and no way to edit them as of yet. (I called Moog because of a minor issue with getting into the Advanced Setup menu, and asked about the Preset Editor; they said it will be another month or two before it is ready.)

Not the best example but, I did a quick, improv test in context of a song (I had also just received the Strymon Mobius, so this was also a test of that for my guitar.) You'll obviously know which part is the Theremini when it comes in. The preset was called "Lost In Fog" with no pitch correction and using the built-in delay as the only effect -

So, overall, happy with the Theremini. Plays like a real Theremin when you need it to (I've had the Big Briar branded Etherwave since it first came out for comparison) and easy to play and sound like a synth when you want it to. I'm most looking forward to using it as a CV controller for my Moog Sub 37 Tribute when it arrives at the end of the month (finally!)


Oh, and the only other pet-peeve of mine with this Theremini is the stupid "mic stand" mount. Moog claims it is a standard "mic stand and camera tripod adapter" but it's too small to fit a standard U.S. mic stand (of which I have several) and too big for a standard camera tripod mount (of which I have several.) Apparently it is actually sized for a European mic stand, so a 5/8" female to 3/8" male adapter is needed to use with the mic stands that I have. :roll:

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