roland JV1080 - how to use multi timbrally?

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roland JV1080 - how to use multi timbrally?

Post by fatbob » Thu Jun 05, 2014 8:55 pm

I have a roland jv1080 and I'm trying to use it with Reaper (DAW). I know that the usual procedure is to set up 'performances' but I want to just set up a number of tracks, all activating one sound / patch each, so I can choose from the whole range of sounds as I'm writing. (Plus I just can't be bothered setting up performances on the hardware and want to operate it solely from the sequencer ;) ).

I used to use Sonar and managed to do this ages ago, but can't remember how.

(I should mention that I have set up a few tracks on reaper and alloted sounds on the jv via reacontrolmidi and written out some notes on each track via the piano roll, but when I press play, all the tracks are played on the same sound/patch)

Hope someone out there has both reaper and a jv1080 and can offer me some advice! :mrgreen:



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Re: roland JV1080 - how to use multi timbrally?

Post by gcoudert » Thu Jun 26, 2014 5:51 pm

It doesn't matter what sequencer you use. The JV1080 can only operate in either of these modes:
- patch: a single sound played on a single MIDI channel,
- performance: up to 16 patches on up to 16 MIDI channels.

The alternative - if the note range of each part is limited - is to set up a patch with splits by assigning a different keyboard range to each of the four tones. This would limit your patch to four, one 'oscillator' parts but they could all be played on the same channel. Furthermore, it would be more time consuming than setting up a 'performance'.

You say that 'all the tracks are played on the same patch'. This suggests that the JV1080 is in patch mode and set to omni mode (i.e. playing all MIDI data received regardless of the channel).

Why don't you set up a blank performance, copy it to all memory locations, and use program change messages to let the sequencer to select the patches? When you're happy with the result, just save the performance.

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