VSE Switched-on comp 2014 - VOTING THREAD

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Pick your favourite track!

Poll ended at Fri Aug 22, 2014 6:51 am

Bela Bartok - Schnell-Tanz
Leon Boellmann - Suite Gothique pt.1
Terry Riley - In C
Jules Massenet - Meditation
Total votes: 13

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Re: VSE Switched-on comp 2014 - VOTING THREAD

Post by tomorrowstops » Sun Aug 24, 2014 3:42 pm

interesting - thanks vicd! I listened to the entire thing on youtube this morning, and I gotta say, its pretty impressive. Right up there with some of the lush-er works of Tomita. I just ordered a copy from Discogs. :)

Sorry for derailing the thread a bit!

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Re: VSE Switched-on comp 2014 - VOTING THREAD

Post by Swayze » Mon Aug 25, 2014 4:02 am

tomorrowstops wrote:Swayze - if you want to start with the avant-garde side of things....check out the 'Electronic Music of the 50's+60's thread happening in this forum!

I'm falling deep into the youtube/discogs rabbit hole as a result! And its not all serialism....there's tonal bliss to be discovered as well!
I started listening to those last night. It's amazing how far ahead of their time those artists were. Early electronic music had a serious sci-fi vibe. Mix that in with timeless classical melodies and you have a recipe for truly epic music.

This comp was a great idea, wish more peeps participated. Maybe we can have part II in the near future... :?: :idea: :)

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