Oberheim Matrix 6R (ramp)

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Oberheim Matrix 6R (ramp)

Post by hageir » Wed Nov 19, 2014 5:58 pm

Yoyo, long time no show :shock:

Just got a Roland CR-8000 (loving it) and a Oberheim Matrix 6R (very nice…)

I've been thinking about the "sloppy" timing (GliGli = P600 FirmWare dude might be working on a Matrix upgrade)

The envelopes of the Matrix take a mere time to trigger (1.2 - 3.4 ms. ? something like that)
BUT I think the Ramps are faster?

Cooked this up today:

Ramp 1/2 to VCF Freq.
(Perhaps in External Trigger Mode, Gated by the keyboard, 1/16th trigs from a drum machine)
But what I'm thinking is how to bypass the ENV-2 to VCA2, let the VCA2 drone/open up and let the Ramp open+close the VCF Freq.

Could result in snappier enveleope timing (arps/sequencing)

Maybe just Gate to VCA2?
OR a mix of BOTH LFOs in Square Mode, one in +63 the other in -63 then adjust the phase/retrigger so it just stays in the middle of the Squarewave LFO resulting in a totally open VCA2?

What is the FASTEST element in the Matrix regarding triggers?
Gate? Ramp? External Trigger maybe?

Any tips and tricks?

This synth sounds HUGE and AFFORDS it with it's headroom (mixing VCA1 + VCA2 properly and the Master Output +gain stage)
Play this sucker in Split Mode (UNISON patch) with two identical patches (one detuned a bit) makes a HUMUNGOUS Oberheim classic sound :)

I'm loving this thing, Tracking Generator is awesome,
wish I had more control over the LAG proccessor… Hmm Matrix-12? :p

Any tips+trick greatly appreciated for this much underrated powerhorse..

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