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Fit an Alpha Juno ONE (1) keyboard with velocity

Posted: Thu Dec 11, 2014 7:57 am
by powerslabelle
I love my alpha 1, would like to get an alpha 2, but it would hardly fit in my setup due to size/weight, plus i'm building a road case for my alpha 1 and that's costing a lot of money so i'd rather deal with its format. Also i don't like the alpha 2's keybed, a bit on the heavier side.

Just wondering if it would be possible to fit it with a keybed from a different keyboard, granting it velocity sensitivity. I don't know if Roland changed a lot how their keyboards are fitted through the years, but they make a lot of nice keybeds.

It would probably need to have similar connections on the inside to connect it to the brain, but after opening a few keyboards, i noticed a lot of them use the same connections, haven't opened my alpha yet though.

I know it sounds crazy, but i love trying/discussing stuff like that, i always awe for custom stuff people have pulled on the internets.