Alt-J: "Dissolve Me" patch

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Alt-J: "Dissolve Me" patch

Post by Caisleyn » Tue Jan 27, 2015 2:59 am

Disclaimer: This is my first time on these forums, so sorry if this is being posted in the wrong place.

Anyways, on to my question. Essentially, I need help with trying to emulate a specific timbre with my Alesis Micron modeling synthesizer. The patch in question is from Alt-J's song, "Dissolve Me"; it's the melodic theme played by the keyboardist throughout the song, and can be heard from the very first measure. I'm a seasoned pianist, but I just recently purchased the Micron and I'm very new to synthesizers.

Here's the link to a live performance:
(I'll admit it's not the greatest live performance, but you'll get the point.)

I've tried everything I can think of:
-Trying different combinations of sine, saw, triangle, and square wave
-Changing the levels of the difference waveforms to highlight one over the other
-Increasing the number of voices per note
-Messing around with filters a bit, although this part is still confusing to me

Is there something I'm missing? The patch that Alt-J just sounds so good, almost acoustic in nature, despite being artificial. So far all of my attempts have just resulted in boring, cliche, synth leads that sound like they belong in a 16bit arcade game.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Re: Alt-J: "Dissolve Me" patch

Post by machinea » Tue Jan 27, 2015 5:19 am

From the Sound on Sound article: ... andrew.htm

"The most synthy we got on that album was a [Roland] Juno 60 for the main hook on 'Dissolve Me' — but that's also mixed in with a steel-drum sample from Gus's Yamaha keyboard. It's all mixed up to make the right blend of keeping what they create together, what has been jammed through, so the original plot, but also giving it its own identity and a new character with a bit of fatness to it. There's a real naivete in that sound of the cheap keyboards and stuff, which I think is really appealing. If we'd got in all the classic big synths and everything, it might just start sounding more generic, like every other produced album.

however in the video they are using a nord electro 3 and that organ sound would be hard to dial in on the micron imo

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Re: Alt-J: "Dissolve Me" patch

Post by sigment » Tue Jan 27, 2015 4:08 pm

I've got a MINIAK at home, I will give it a go this evening. Are you trying to get it close enough to do a cover?

welp, i dont know if the micron/miniak will get there (at least without more effort). I'm also not sure if the micron has the mod patch panel options.

started with an itialized patch and spent about 15-20 mins on it. I added tiny bits here and there like a small turn of the fm into it due to the mention of the steel drum sample. Splitting osc3 into the second filter really added some flavor and the anyway, here is a screenshot of ctrlr with the settings if you want to mess with it... good luck


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