Micromoog Troubleshooting

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Micromoog Troubleshooting

Post by Dunning29 » Mon Mar 02, 2015 8:34 am

So I've got this micromoog, and as long as I've had it, he turning has never been stable. The scalding is always drifting and will never stay calibrated, essentially rendering it useless for performance or anything other than using it as an external filter, which I've been doing for some time, with it connected to my JX-3P.

Is it worth fixing this? The service manual isn't very helpful with this problem, but how much would be involved with fixing it? Unfortunately the manual gives a list of all the circuits that 'could' be faulty or leaky, and it's got to be a real PITA to go through and test all of those. Sending to a tech is out of the question, but I do have basic knowledge of how the Moog circuitry works and how to go about fixing whatever needs fixing. Many thanks!

I know it's really detailed and the problem is really specific, but would modern equivalents of each circuit work the same as the same IC type from 1975?

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Re: Micromoog Troubleshooting

Post by ColorForm2113 » Thu Mar 05, 2015 5:08 am

Micromoog was my first real synth and is very powerful despite its simple appearance, so definitely worth fixing. The manual gives instructions on how to calibrate the oscillator and filter. I would start there. I was able to calibrate mine with just a tiny screwdriver, a flashlight, a reliable tuner, and a ton of patience.

If it still gives you problems after that, then I would go the repair route.
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