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Re: Richard Tandy

Posted: Sat May 30, 2015 11:47 am
by masyst
Thanks for the youtube-link, cool music indeed ;)

Re: Richard Tandy

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2015 7:16 am
by Tekhed66
Bitexion wrote:I'm giving Time a listen right now, never heard it before. Only heard their greatest hits songs. It's nice, very spacey. Which is natural for the theme of the album.
What an amazing keyboard player from an equally amazing band.... I hope that you listen to lots more ELO other than their greatest hits as there is a mountain of great music to get through.

I've been an ELO fan since I was about 13 (and that's a long time ago!!!!) ... ELO helped me achieve two things: 1. learn to play keyboards like Richard Tandy and 2. grow a mo and beard like Jeff Lynne ... I'm touching 50 and my hands are sore with arthritis on some days and my beard/mo have turned grey but ELO still sound fantastic.

Bitexion - the Time album was a concept album about the future and marked a big shift in their sound ... I didnt really like it all that much and really missed those big strings though 'Rain Is Falling' is a beautiful song... my favourite era was from Face The Music (1975) to Discovery (1979)... but no matter which album you listen to, there's always great keyboard parts - great because of the playing and the sound itself.

I think Richard Tandy is a very clever and talented guy who for better or worse, has flown under the radar for too long.

my 2c :-)