Kit for Modularizing ARP Avatar

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Kit for Modularizing ARP Avatar

Post by neanalog » Wed Sep 30, 2015 7:48 pm

We recently developed a kit to modularize the ARP Avatar. The kit brings the following functions to panel mounted 1/8th" jacks:
Patch Panel Connections:
VCO1 CV In with series glide circuit
VCO1 Pulse Width Modulation CV
VCO1 Sawtooth Output
VCO1 Pulse Output
VCO2 CV In with series glide circuit
VCO2 Pulse Width Modulation CV
VCO2 Sawtooth Output
VCO2 Pulse Output
S&H Input 1
S&H Input 2
S&H Mixer Output
S&H Output
S&H Trigger Input
LFO Sine Output
LFO Pulse Output
3 x VCF Audio Inputs
3 x VCF CV Inputs
VCF Audio Output
VCA Audio Input
ADSR Trigger Input
ADSR Gate Input
2 x ADSR Output
AR Gate Input
2 x AR Output

The PCB uses switching jacks to allow flexible routing of the various signals. When a cable is plugged into a VCO output (saw or pulse), said signal is switched out of the normalized signal path.
VCO FM control voltage, PW CV, S&H mixer inputs, VCF audio inputs, VCF CV inputs and VCA CV input jacks are routed through the sliders above them when a cable is inserted. This allows for flexible signal attenuation.
Each VCO has its own active glide circuit, so both oscillators can have different glide rates, similar to the Quadra.

The kit contains a PVC graphic overlay that fits seamlessly into the Avatar's front panel graphics. All jacks and pots are mounted on a single PCB. Connections from the PCB to the synth are made via multi-colored 50P IDE cables, which are detachable from the front panel PCB to allow for ease of servicing. All surface mount components are soldered by us. Jacks, IDE headers, and 2 pots must be soldered by installer of the kit. Installation instructions can be found here: ... Panel_Inst allation_Manual%20Rev%201_3.pdf

If anyone wants a kit, here's a link to the details and the store listing on our site:

I can do installations for people that want them.

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