Top 10 or more Synth Sounds favorite

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Re: Top 10 or more Synth Sounds favorite

Post by dkhbrit » Sun Aug 21, 2016 1:18 am

Just about every sound on OMD's 'Souvenir'
Ditto Japan's 'Ghosts'
Minimoog Solo Air 'Sexy Boy'
Korg Titon, A11 'Fresh Breath'. Beautiful
The Solo on 'Zoom' by Fat Larrys Band

Music Bird
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Re: Top 10 or more Synth Sounds favorite

Post by Music Bird » Thu Aug 25, 2016 2:48 pm

1. The synth Fairlight flutes on Asia's Sole Survivor. And all synth solos done by them or Genesis or Wakeman or Emerson.
2. The horn synth from Tears for Fears Shout (sounds sort of like an air horn, you probably all know that sound from that song).
3. Not a synth, but the Orchestron on Kraftwerk albums.
4. The duck fart patch. The time I mentioned that song it was actually a guitar synth, in another (really weird super obscure & creepy) video that group had a guitar synth player who used a G707 guitar controller the keyboard players had Korg M1s.
5. 303 squelchiness. With a ton of portamento and drive where the sound goes waow.
6. DX metallic bass (BASS 1 patch 15 on DX7 factory presets)
7. The synth sounds used on Thriller album.
8. Any synth sound in a new Pokemon or Mario game.
9. Any wormy lead sound on a 90's G-funk track or 70's PFunk track.
10. Korg M1 piano/organ.
11. Casio CZ organ or JX1 Roland organ.
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Re: Top 10 or more Synth Sounds favorite

Post by garranimal » Thu Aug 25, 2016 4:59 pm

From Music Bird's list
5. Lately Bass. TX81Z. The SH-101 can do this sound as well.
13. 80's synth stab chords. desmond mentioned Go West - I like Call Me
24. Devo Whip It Moog bass. Heck yeah!!
29. Any of John Carpenter's synth tones. Escape From New York my fave.
35. Cars Let's Go Prophet 5 Sync II patch. Not a fan of this patch, but in that song it MAKES it.

ARP Solina strings. Cure - Just Like Heaven and Dream Weaver baby!
VP330 Choir. Blade Runner and I like the strings a lot too.
Technotronic - Pump Up the Jam Bass Matrix-12.
Thomas Dolby - Windpower. PPG crazy wavetable bass
Fixx - Intro to Deeper and Deeper, PPG WAve again? That sound is bonkers.
Donna Summer/Giorgio Moroder - I Feel Love doubletracked Moog Modular Bass.
Kraftwerk - Sex Object has that hard FM Cello sound.
3. Not a synth, but the Orchestron on Kraftwerk albums. I like the one sampled for New Order Blue Monday, yep.

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Re: Top 10 or more Synth Sounds favorite

Post by Cosmic Key » Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:59 pm

In no particular order...

ARP Solina strings
SCI Prophet-5 clavi
Oberheim OBXa strings
Moog (any model) basses
Roland JX-8P Soundtrack
Yamaha DX7 pianos
Roland SH-2000 clarinet
Korg M1 Koto Trem
Elka Synthex laser harp
Roland D-50 Machine Run

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