Roland System-8

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Roland System-8

Postby JMP » Mon Dec 26, 2016 2:19 pm

OK, it's no vintage synth but it has Jup 8 & Juno 106 plus-outs included ;) (J106 just realised in Ver 1.11 update). So, anyone get one of these for Christmas? Can't see any other System-8 thread here......

Was impressed with the Boutique Versions of Jup 8 & 106 enough to plunge on one of these. Personally, I love it. It may not have the weight and build of a vintage synth (!) but soundwise, best comparison to the originals I've heard.

Only been messing with the Sys-8 engine so far:

Watch on

Watch on

Looking forward to delving into the plug-outs and combining patches into performances between all three. So, who likes it, who hates it..... plenty on here I'm sure. :lol:
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Re: Roland System-8

Postby blueknob » Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:10 am

Yeh I've just seen this (via a sys-700 wanted thread) - I've had a look on YouTube and seen a ton of nasty un-informed clowns comment. From the little I've seen, it seems to be a very new product, the JP-8 plug expansion cards are still being developed. What about the Sys-500?? I know the S-500 is a modular etc. but for the download of cash.. who what where? and then still Uli B hovers... :?:
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