DX1/DX5/DX7-brilliance on a mode wheel?

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DX1/DX5/DX7-brilliance on a mode wheel?

Post by philip » Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:59 pm

Hello fellas. I have this DX1 Yamaha synth.

I'd like to assign brilliance on a mode wheel.Is it possible? I've been reading manual, and there's quite a tricky procedure, which I haven't quite understood. Please help. :D
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Re: DX1/DX5/DX7-brilliance on a mode wheel?

Post by JeEA » Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:18 pm

If You send Your DX1 to me, I'll be happy to help it might take a couple of years. ;-)

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Re: DX1/DX5/DX7-brilliance on a mode wheel?

Post by knolan » Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:30 pm

I have a DX1 also but it's in for service - power supply being built for it (very expensive :-( ).

No doubt you've looked at Page 38 of the manual:

You need to configure the Modulation Wheel for "Brilliance". To do that - in the Performance memories, go to button Bank 6 (F6) and choose Job 2- Mod Wheel Assign (press the button twice) and set the Modulation Wheel to EBC (Envelope Bias Control).

That's happening here is that once you set this (and its sensitivity via Job 1 (Mod Wheel Sensitivity) is that you are using the Mod wheel to increase the level of all operators acting as Modulators in the FM Algorithm being used in the particular sound associated with a given Performance memory.

So - if you choose a flute sound and assign it to a Performance memory with this EBC set for Modulation Wheel, turning up the Modulation wheel will make the Flute sound brighter. Careful - turning up a lot sends the sound into an unmerciful noise - because as you increase the level of modulators they overwhelm the carrier operator with harmonic output.

Actually - if you assign that to Polyphonic Aftertouch instead of Modulation Wheel then you get an astounding ability to affect the brightness of a sound on a "per key" basis - bringing it into almost virtual acoustic territory.

Overall - this is a deep synth and you do have to understand the basis of how FM works, how Yamaha implemented FM in their DX synthesizers and how performance memories work for DX synths.

Sorry I can't be more specific - I'm a bit rusty with the DX1 as it's well over a year since I've had it powered on. Best of luck with yours.

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