DSI Announces New REV2 16-Voice Analog Poly Synth!

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Re: DSI Announces New REV2 16-Voice Analog Poly Synth!

Post by HalloweenJack » Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:59 pm

The Sonicstate review

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Re: DSI Announces New REV2 16-Voice Analog Poly Synth!

Post by clubbedtodeath » Sat Oct 14, 2017 9:48 pm

A good, thorough review by Nick - one of my favourite synth reviewers, and one who can actually hold a tune. I learned a couple of things about my Rev2 in review.

However, I found myself disagreeing at a few points: firstly, his assertion on the buyer 'paying a Dave Smith premium'. How many 16-note polyphonic analogue synths weigh in at that price? He compares it to the 12-voice DeepMind and the Peak. But, the Peak isn't analogue - it uses NCOs - and the DeepMind is highly menu-driven, with a pile of DSP effects. Secondly, while he mentions that the basic oscillators sometimes lack bass presence, he fails to mention that that's where you can bring in the sub-oscillator. It's not quite at the level of MS-20 bowel-loosening low end, but it is still quite impressive for a poly. (I've actually managed to push my Rev2 into Korg bassline territory, and the results are highly acceptable.) Lastly, I wish he had emphasised just how much the filter has improved over the likes of the Evolver. It's far less brash, and much more musical.

But Nick, giving him his credit, does highlight that it is a very cohesive synthesiser. As he says, It is very much a case of 'Can I just press this and do that?', or 'Can I assign an LFO or mod source to this?', and 9 out of 10 times, yes, you can. Without needing to dive into menus, or look at the manual. That in itself is worth paying a small premium.


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