Kawai K1r LCD View angle? Any owners out there? (resolved)

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Re: Kawai K1r LCD View angle? Any owners out there?

Post by madtheory » Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:52 pm

Alex E wrote:The Yamaha TX802 and TX16w has the same issue. Real annoying but probably standard fare for the time.
No, the backlight has aged and needs to be replaced/ modded. I had a TX16W for years, and it only started fading to unuseable level after 19 years!

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Re: Kawai K1r LCD View angle? Any owners out there? (resolv

Post by part12studios » Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:42 am

So in the end I opted to return it to the owner and get back my K1m. While I will miss the Rack version for space sake, the screen was rough and the sketchy buttons just made it feel like a bad move.. Thanks for the advice on this one. the K1m/r unfortunately are the kind of synths that just don't really hold much value.

To hire someone.. that's going to cost more than the unit is even worth.. to do it myself I risk ruining it and I actually do like it personally as a unit I want to hold on to for awhile and use so yea went with the safer option for now.

That said I learned some really important stuff about how view angles work with LCD screens like this. Kawai should have included a digital capability to fix angle.. bad Kawai.. bad! :)


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