x0xb0x w/ ableton midi sync

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x0xb0x w/ ableton midi sync

Postby Marmoran » Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:43 pm

So I recently got a x0xb0x and I'm wondering how to use it with ableton live.

I have a midi cable in on the x0x, which goes to my soundcard and it's audio connected with a 1/4 inch cable and it's all setup right but I'm just wondering how to use the thing with ableton the best way.

I have no idea how to properly set it up via MIDI
All i know is I can go into PAT (edit) mode and create a sequence by inputting each note and going prev or next, and add accents slides and rests on notes that i want to, then play except it's clocking via the x0x that way.

When I go into PAT (MIDI) i press play in ableton and nothing plays then I hit a random note say for example it just happened with E or number 3 on the notes, it gives me a sequence that is 3 notes.

Can someone explain how I would go about making a sequence that I can then play through MIDI in Ableton?

Sorry Bit of a newb, just don't know how to program the x0xb0x

Also, I have an AcidLab Miami and a Korg MS-20. How would I go about connecting the x0xb0x, miami with the sq1 that's hooked up to my ms-20?

Should i daisy chain the MIDI cables along and run it all through the Miami?
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Re: x0xb0x w/ ableton midi sync

Postby meatballfulton » Thu Apr 20, 2017 2:06 pm

If all the devices support MIDI over USB, simply connecting them all to the computer is the simplest way to hook them up, using your audio interface only for audio. Each can communicate with Ableton and Ableton can route any MIDI between devices that might be needed.

The first question is deciding what will be the master MIDI clock...the x0xbox, the Miami or Ableton. Pressing play on the master clock device will start up the sequencers of the other units.

My suggestion would be to make Ableton the master. In the Ableton preferences enable each of the devices for MIDI (I can follow up with specific settings if you need them) and then set the Miami and x0xbox to use external MIDI clock (check the manuals). The MS20 has no clock so there's nothing to set there.
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