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Discussions on sound production outside the synthesizer such as mixing, processing, recording, editing and mastering.
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Post by hageir » Wed May 30, 2007 3:27 pm

Ineko = nice ice baby. Lots of useful effects.

I love my Vintage 80's yamaha compressor pedal for everything, especially drums
it kinda self oscillates and makes a shitload of weird lofi effects..

Johnson Analog Echo Delay = dirties the signal up; has a quality knob = self-explainable :)

Behringer DR-100 Digital reverb, cheapest reverb on the market.. actually pretty good ;)

I just got a big 220->110 transformer and an american "multi-plug" (you know what it is)
so I can finally turn all my effects with u.s. adapters on at once :)
(god, I hate AC adaptors
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yes, I am an effects slut! :)

Post by aeon » Wed May 30, 2007 7:27 pm

  • Analogman BiChorus - thick, swirly chorus with very present character
  • Analogman SunLion - warm, organic germanium fuzz paired with germanium treble booster
  • Barge Concepts BP-1 - unique-sounding overdrive with good harmonic generation
  • Boss CE-300 - *that* Roland chorus sound, but twice as rich and lush as usual
  • Boss DE-200 - vintage digital delay with modulation and "non-digital" sound
  • Boss DC-2 Dimension C - the sweet spatial shimmer of the SDD-320 Dimension D in a pedal
  • Clavia Nord Modular - modular engine with analog ins means much fun to be had
  • Diamond Compressor - fairly transparent studio compression with eq tilt in a pedal
  • Diamond Fireburst - musical distorion/fuzz with unique mid-boost and eq voicing
  • Diamond Halo - chorus/phaser with refined, elegant sound and real-time speed modulation
  • Diamond J-Drive TR - lovely overdrive with germanium treble booster and transformer out
  • Diamond Memory Lane - analog BBD delay with modulation and send/return loop
  • Digidesign ProTools|24 - used these days to run WaveMechanics UltraTools bundle - H3K plus!
  • Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man - yep, that delay sound in all its warm glory
  • Electro-Harmonix Small Stone - one trick pony, but damn, what a trick!
  • Empress Tremelo - unique trem with rhythmic patterns and hands-on control
  • Eventide H8000FW - modular effects processor with *that* magic pitchshifting - does it all
  • Foxrox Hot Silicon - aggressive, nasty-but-focused fuzz that cuts through
  • Foxrox Octron2 - analog octave pedal with individual octave switching and loop - 30 of 100
  • Foxrox TZF Paradox - analog BBD through-zero flanger with modulation - the ultimate time-mod pedal
  • Geoffrey Teese Real McCoy Picture Wah - the sound of psychedelic rock wah, circa 1967
  • Korg OASYS PCI - dozens of effects algos, modular programming, great routing, awesome delays
  • Lexicon NuVerb - the sound of the Model 300L in a NuBus card - random hall and random ambience
  • Lexicon PCM-81 - 224XL heritage with modulation effects and delays in a vintage/modern hybrid
  • Line6 Echo Pro - a handful of delay models with an inviting interface and real-time control
  • Line6 POD XT - it's like having a studio channel in a box - not just for guitars!
  • Lovetone Cheese Source - 2-in-1 pedal that combines overdrive and fuzz, Lovetone-style
  • Lovetone Doppleganger - the ultimate phaser that brings faerie dust to everything it touches
  • Lovetone Meatball - analog filter with envelope filter that is so damn musical and deep
  • Moog MF-104SD - analog BBD delay, UI that makes it an instrument, CV control, 150 of 250
  • Moog MF-105 MuRF - animated step filter delivers the most lush and liquid smears
  • ProphecySound infinitphase mkII Custom - fully-blown step-sequence phaser with all the mods
  • Red Witch Medusa - boutique chorus/trem with a wide variety of opulent tones, all sweet-spot
  • Roland GE-820 - a graphic EQ - what more can I say?
  • Roland RE-201 - the heavenly sound of the tape echo with discrete electronics - brilliant!
  • Roland RS-505 Paraphonic - external in to make use of its incredible analog BBD ensemble unit
  • Roland RSS-10 - 3D reverbs and motion effects with spatial control and doppler simulation
  • Roland RSS-303 - 3D reverbs with tuned spatial algos and multi-channel output
  • Roland SDE-330 - multi-tap delay with filtering, 3D control, pitch-shifting and that Roland sound
  • Roland SDX-330 - spatial expander - chorus on steroids with incredible algos and that Roland sound
  • Roland SRE-555 - another flavor of Roland tape echo, but with that Roland chorus too!
  • Schippmann Ebbe und Flut - the ultimate analog filter box - a mad mono when VCOs are added
  • Sony DPS-V77 - dual-engine effects with dozens of algos and deep parametric control
  • Symetrix 606 - dual-engine delay with a deep architecture and musical filters - and knobs!
  • t.c. electronic FireworX - deep multi-effector with loads of modulation and real-time control
  • t.c. electronic M3000 - the dry ambience box with positional soundstage placement effects
  • Yamaha A5000 - used for its dirt/degrade/artifact effects and amazing vintage plate verb sound
  • Yamaha E1005 - warm, syrupy analog BBD delay with modulation - lo-fi never sounded so good
  • zvex Fuzz Factory - over-the-top fuzz and other transmissions from an alien planet


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Post by Zonkout » Wed May 30, 2007 8:05 pm

Holy christ, Aeon! That's like a billion $ worth of effects!
I own some key boards and rhythmic boxes.

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Post by piRoN » Thu May 31, 2007 3:13 am

zvex Fuzz Factory - over-the-top fuzz and other transmissions from an alien planet
Ha, yes. That thing's veritably an instrument in and of itself. Wish there was a CV mod for it...
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Post by tallowwaters » Thu May 31, 2007 11:32 am

ian, marry me.

i love this place - http://www.pedalspluseffectswarehouse.com
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Post by aeon » Thu May 31, 2007 7:13 pm

I love effects, and I take them very seriously (while I am having fun :wink: ).

I learned very early on that I would rather have 2 fx boxes and 1 synth vs. 2 synths and 1 fx box.

I just see it as an extension of the synthesis. They allow me to get the sounds I hear in my head.


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Post by wiss » Thu May 31, 2007 7:32 pm

Teese Real McCoy Wah
Roland Space Echo RE 201 plus the Chorus on the JC-120
Boss Comprosser
Boss EQ
Boss Bass EQ
Boss Heavy Metal
Boss Metal Drive
Boss Octave
Boss Digital Delay
Boss Tremolo
Ibanez Analog Delay
Fender Blender
DOD envlope/filter
DOD overdrive
MXR Phase 90
Moog lowpass filter
Moog murf
Nady tremolo/vibrato
DigiTech Reverb Rach unit (reverse reverb only/stereo split)
Sherman Filter

I also run my other instruments thru my Roland Paraphonic and Nord Modular

I have owned 40 to 50 others.....effect pedals come in and out all the time...very few stick around forever but I am settling with these right now
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Post by Twiddler » Fri Jun 08, 2007 1:02 am

Zvex Fuzz Probe (lively fuzz, very beautiful!)
Big Muff (in the closet)
Moogerfooger Ringmod (my love)
Moogerfooger LP filter (has a bad noise when the envelope is mixed in...)
Moogerfooger Phaser (stereo... wonderful!)
Line 6 Delay (on the road buddy)
KP2 (yes good)
Korg MS 20

I want:


... but I don't need it.

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Post by code green » Fri Jun 08, 2007 7:04 am

i agree--sound production is the zapbangpowwhirrrrr, whatever that means. i think my ideal forum would actually be a sound production one with an unusually high quotient of synth-heads and delay freaks. i.e., here.

ewblank said: "Arion SAD-3 delay: sucks as an analog delay, but works great as a noise generating pseudo-theremin" --now that's hilarious.

ian, my expectations of your list were high given your taste and knowledge, and it didn't disappoint. i lust for an ebbe und flut...not to mention an h8000 or pcm81 or...

anyway, my stash:

analogman ibanez ts-9 w/ 808 silver mod: wonderful od for guitar through a tube amp; lame on synths though--basically a boost, and not in a good way.


ce-2 (jap): well, i love this chorus. sometimes impedance matching a problem w/ synths though. (i know, reamp--it's on its way).
dd-3: might be my desert island delay. so liquid and pretty. just love it. even for vocals sometimes.
ds-1: good, reliable synth distortion.
mt-2: living h**l with a guitar, heavenly weird with a synth.
oc-2 (jap): handy dandy octave with very nice tracking and sound.
ph-2: not exactly my cup of tea but sometimes you want a more metallic, "pitchy" phaser. just sometimes.
rbf-10 (half-rack): don't get much use out of this kinda plasticky flanger but need to go back to it cuz there must be something there...

dunlop cry-baby wha: the key is to reverse what's plugged into the instrument and amp jacks
eli "studio series" analog echo: craptastic, p.o.s. dubby echo. i like to use it on realistic orchestral sounds.
ensoniq dp-pro: been digging into this lately and loving it. realizing it is far superior to my lxp-15, below. versatile, programmable, controllable, quiet.
ibanez add-verb: got it for $10 ages ago and have it racked but have barely touched it. anyone know it?
lafayette echo-verb II: lo-fi reverb. definitely has its uses.
lexicon lxp-15: some really nice reverbs, especially the plates, but a bit noisy and its sonic signature is starting to get on my nerves.


ps-1 phase shifter: again, w/out impedance matching not ideal for some synths. generally haven't loved this as much as i thought i would, for synth or guitar.
sound system for woodwinds: some bizarre stuff in here but have only scratched the surface as repairs are needed. contains the maestro fuzz, and that alone is worth it.


mf-102 ring modulator: just freakin' great. i've done a lot with this but feel i've barely begun. sounds so good.
mf-104z analog delay: it's in the aux send of my synth mixer, and just about everything gets some. ideal for sweetening. the feedback is an instrument unto itself.
mf-105 murf: this is just something every synth head should try if they can. luscious and weird.


phase 100 (script logo): along with the dd-3, may be my favorite pedal. definitely has more mojo than the dd-3, tho'. sounds amazing with crumar performer strings. sounds amazing with anything--from a little quaver of a phase to full-on jet flying overhead sturm und drang. love love love this pedal.
pitch-shift/doubler: weird and obscure little 1u rack piece i got for $17 on ebay. seller thought it was broken--for all i know it is, but it works for me. octave up or down, with a kind of flangey effect. i like to run vocals through once up and again down, with a little bit of the "flange," then pan around a dry vocal for chorsues.

prescription electronics throb: this is why i keep the ph-2, because the combination of this extreme tremolo in "chop" mode and that phaser is wild.
vesta fire digital delay: i have got to get this fixed b/c my old roommate and i were kid a before kid a with this thing and a drum machine.

in a way my favorite effects boxes right now are my sampler and old tascam four track in conjunction with me d-evo. i sample long phrases from my own stuff (and elsewhere of course) with either/both, then run that s**t through my evolver and generally get myself off. everyday i'm thinking how insane it is that the d-evo is as relatively inexpensive as it is. dave smith probably could have skipped the oscillators and, with his name, sold it for that price as a badass multi-fx, stereo-in/out filter. i mean the thing is just freaking insane, expecially when you've got (as was noted above by hoax i think) the external in triggering stuff. i mean really.

the only thing i'm really looking to add right now are a fuzz pedal (still looking for the perfect fit) and the mf-101. the moog control processor is a considertion too, and i am always in heat for a space echo. but wrapping my head around the dp-pro has cured me of much of my fx lust. that thing is awesome.

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Post by Soundwave » Fri Jun 08, 2007 12:11 pm

Quadraverb 2 – Acts as two separate effects for me, weak modulation FX but great delay’s and fantastic reverb you can also get into some pretty complex routings which is easy with the large display and I’ve barely got into the 8 way mod matrix. Got it for cheap off a mate so I’m very content with it.

Kaoss Pad 2 – Most innovative FX unit I’ve ever used which is almost like an instrument in itself. The FX quality isn’t in the same league as a TC but I’ve never had more fun with an FX unit. Seriously considering a second unit to use in series to double my pleasure just like a Wriggley’s Doublemint or themz filthy Milton twins. :3some:

Plugin wise I like what the Predatohm and the other Ohmforce FX do to percussion rhythms, the Arturia Moog Modular V2 external input can do some pretty exotic stuff and the PSP Vintage Warmer is a very valuable commodity.

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