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what effect boxes...

Posted: Tue May 29, 2007 10:51 pm
by amatsov
are you useing...what do you like and what not?

Posted: Tue May 29, 2007 11:00 pm

Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man
Electro Harmonix Black Finger
Moogerfooger Low Pass
Moogerfooger Ring Mod


Electro Harmonix Russian Big Muff
Electro Harmonix Small Stone

Everything run through the Memory Man just sounds great to me. I usually have everything I'm recording going through the Black Finger (well, each individual synth being recorded).. and more often than not the Low Pass as well.

Posted: Tue May 29, 2007 11:11 pm
by premieklovn
I mainly use delay pedals on synths:

Boss DD-6
- Tap-tempo function makes it great for manually played arpeggios. Pling plong pling. Clear and sterile sound.
Ibanez AD80 - Great for warm analog sounds. A good mono\stringsynth combined with this pedal makes me happy.
Ibanez DE7 - Great budget version of the Ibanez AD80. Very nice analog emulation. Too bad it lacks tap-tempo.
Korg 301DL - Very versatile pedal. Got a lot of knobs to tweak. Lo\Hi-EQ. Lofi-function. Predelay. Programmable etc. Like a rack-delay in pedalformat.
MXR Phase 100 - Versatile phaser with cool sound. Great for strings and pads.


Posted: Tue May 29, 2007 11:18 pm
by Brad
For keys and synths the main thing I had problems with was finding guitar style effects that had stereo ins and outs. If this is your cup of tea then look at -

TC Electronic GMajor (Awesome, but it doesnt do distortion) or G Sharp, a limited G Major, but still good.

TC Electronic M1 or M1XL, good reverbs, delays and multieffects.

TC Electronic D2, quite possibly the cleanest delay out there at this price, emulates older stuff well.

Line6 ECHOPRO, MODPRO, FILTERPRO. Wicked effects racks if you can get them, I regret selling them!

Posted: Wed May 30, 2007 12:43 am
by tallowwaters
is it me, or is sound production cooler than general? even the asinine "what your favorite" threads are better.

cheap stuff:
alesis ineko - versatile, tons of options, yet beautifully simple

danelectro dan echo - best echo pedal ever

boss super shifter - whammy slaps on a microkorg? sure.

alesis smash up - dont buy this planning to use it as a compressor. buy it planning to pump the living h**l out of your bass sounds.

digitech digiverb - perfect? no, but gets the job done in a pinch. gated and church settings are fun

i could go on and on. i also have a deep love for guyatone (slow volume, baby!), DOD, and mxr pedals. i love the aesthetic of EH, but damned if their quality line isnt inebriated or poisoned or something.

always wanted to run a synth through one of those boss acoustic simulators. who knows what the h**l would come out?

Posted: Wed May 30, 2007 1:06 am
by neandrewthal
I really love the sound of my EH memory man but I don't like the fact that gently removing the board to fiddle with trimpots is enough to break wires loose.

My absolute favourites would have to be the moogerfoogers(if you can call them effects) for their patchability. Get one, it's kind of expensive for what it does. Get two and both of them are so worth it. Get 3 , well I'm not that far yet but I'd probably die or something.

Posted: Wed May 30, 2007 5:30 am
by divineaudio
no effect box will ever be greater than the almighty ms20! but anyways...

on my er1 right now ---> boss drivezone, circuit bent dod supra distortion, boss ps5 pitch shifter and boss dm3 analog delay.

on everything else via aux sends from the mixer ---> boss rv3 reverb/delay and a korg drv2000. two of my favorite processors ever. the korg has two presets -"warehouse" and "concrete room" that i use for almost everything + a few delay patches that i tweaked.

for fun sound mangling ---> delta labs effectron adm1020. pretty noisy, but always good for something interesting. it's lofi psychedelic heaven!

not seeing much use anymore ---> boss odb3 bass overdrive. this used to be my favorite distortion for drums... :roll:

had an eh small stone phaser that i never liked, no match for the mxr phase 90.
also had a few digitech and ibanez pedals that sucked balls.

by far the most useless effects processor i ever owned was the line 6 filterpro. what's the point of 20 different filter types when they all sound the same?!

oh, and tallow - it is cooler :wink:

Posted: Wed May 30, 2007 5:46 am
by neandrewthal
tallowwaters wrote:always wanted to run a synth through one of those boss acoustic simulators. who knows what the h**l would come out?
I've tried that. It made it sound super punchy and grating. I don't know how else to describe it. Definitley not like an acoustic guitar.

Posted: Wed May 30, 2007 6:37 am
by GeneralBigbag
tallowwaters wrote:is it me, or is sound production cooler than general? even the asinine "what your favorite" threads are better.
You're absolutely right.

As for me, I use:
Sherman Filterbank, the most potent weapon in my arsenal
AC Filtered Coffee, for a smoother finish

I also use the Evolver as a signal processor a lot of the time-being able to have external signal as a mod source and sequencer trigger allows for some snazzy effects, and I have begun to scratch the surface of what I can do with the Nord Mod.

Posted: Wed May 30, 2007 6:52 am
by brian.only
my favs right now are:

Digitech Echo-Plus- its an 80's 8 sec. sampling delay that can do infinite repeat and a nice gritty sound that tends to get warmer and dirtier the more you send through it! you really would'nt think its digital and I have a few songs that I cant do w/out its 2 sec delay...

Moogerfooger Murf- Still have'nt wrapped my head around all the settings, but its really something to get lost in- oh s**t its 3am?

DOD Classis Fuzz- All the reviews I've read pan it and it sells used for 30 bucks, but I really love the squished fuzz chunks it gives out- great w/ electric piano ,square leads, and ebow.

Boss Phase Shi(f)ter- Somewhat cheesy but the rise setting and the last one rock it. the furthest right setting full on mangles your signal(when cranked) in the most beautiful way w/ delay.

Boss Loopstation- I love this thing live as it gets really lo-fi the more you loop- awesome w/ droney pads and the reverse is great when you need 20 secs in-between songs.

Pro-Co Rat- I love this little brick.

Whammy Wah- it died and is still missed...Dive bomb away!

envelope stuffers wanted

Posted: Wed May 30, 2007 7:23 am
by Cruel Hoax
Sherman Filterbank: scientist-style complexity, searing distortion, and CV generation from input signal. 3-way score!

Lexicon Vortex: Wack-a*s dual delay plus OTHER, capable of mend-melting polyrhythms. Also can restructure its entire signal flow live, controlled by expression pedal (or Input Envelope Level, or whatever)

Alesis Bitrman: Truly awful, lo-fi noisy cheap beautiful grinding grainy s**t comes out of this. Great for taking the "ho-hum" outta your boring analog gear.

Digitech looping delay: Atari Teenage Riot vocal effects. Only live, yessir.

On the wish list:
Ensoniq DP/2 or DP/Pro. Nice-sounding, deeply programmable. Also, FX can be controlled by input level/envelope. (you seeing a pattern here?)

Delta Labs Effectron III: noisy, limited, ugly. Loopable, envelope-controllable, fun as h**l.

Lexicn PCM42: another early digital delay that has The Mojo. envelope or LFO controllable, of course.

(Well, why the h**l shouldn't every f**k possible thing in my studio respond to my playing style and dynamics?)


Posted: Wed May 30, 2007 1:38 pm
by ewblank
In no particular order (and not all used with synths, either):

Alesis Inkeko (cannot go wrong with this - the runaway echo and the bit-reduction alone are worth the price)

All from DOD:
Meat box - the most insane octaver ever made - it adds a sub-harmonic bass note that's rediculously low
Classic Fuzz - ditto to the above comment - this one's a lot of fun
Deathmetal Distortion: the only distortion pedal without a "distortion knob" - it's on full distortion, 1000% gain, all the time.
Corrosion Distortion: kinda like the deathmetal - but still differnt enough to be worth noting
Gonkulator - a ring mod + a cheap sounding gritty distortion - noisey as heck - but I guess that's the point, eh?

Boss OC-2 - still one of th most solid octavers on the market.
Boss DD-3 - old workhorse digital delay - I have 3 of them, they've been through h**l and are all still working fine.
Arion SAD-3 delay: sucks as an analod delay, but works great as a noise generating pseudo-theremin
EH Holy Grail reverb: I love to set the knob somewhere between 2 and 3 o'clock - and just 'verb out for hours


Posted: Wed May 30, 2007 2:46 pm
by haricots
Well, everything I'm using now is great in my books:

Maxon AD999 - 900ms analogue delay that sounds very smooth and mellow, almost like a tape delay
EHX Small Stone - a very simple, classic phaser
Realistic Reverb - so shitty, it's great! lots of fun to put in a feedback loop
Yamaha E1010 - a great 300ms rackmount analogue delay (the modulation isn't so great however)
Alesis Quadraverb / Lexicon MX200 - affordable multi effects units
MFB Filterbox - a nasty filter with a really cool 8 step sequencer for the cutoff freq.
EHX Memory Man - I had the Stereo 300ms version and loved it but sold it - would love to get the Deluxe version next.

Posted: Wed May 30, 2007 2:59 pm
by Zonkout
Multivox Analog Delay (w/ spring reverb) - Probs the most impressive sounding effect I own. The spring in it is tiny (3"?), but adds just the right amount of atmosphere.

Fostex Dual Spring Reverb - two sets of three 10" springs--yikes!

Ibanez HD-1500 - The perfect combination of my Digitech Multiplay and Boss RPS-10. Nice delays, choruses, and pitch harmonizing vibrato.

Akai Headrush - My first experience with a looping pedal. Hours of entertainment every time I plug it in.

DOD 545 Wah Filter - Envelope following analog filter that sounds rad on drum machines.

DOD 595 Phasor - Also analog and also great on drum machines.

Ross Flanger - Noisy, but overall a quality analog flanger.

Digitech PDS Programmable Distortion - Choose between two distortion channels, one mean and metal, the other warm and fuzzy.

Frostwave Resonator - Perfect reproduction of the Korg MS-20 filter. Amazing, but you'll need some CV action to make it come alive.

Posted: Wed May 30, 2007 3:11 pm
by Zonkout
WWBJD wrote: Electro Harmonix Black Finger
I am curious about this pedal. Do you use the tube version? Does it just make things punchier, or is there more to it?