Kurzweil Mangler

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Kurzweil Mangler

Postby synapsecollapse » Fri Jun 01, 2007 8:05 pm

i have been really currious about this effects box for a while now, wanted to test it out while it was at AH used but i didn't have much time, and was currious if anyone here had used one and if so what you thought about it. I know there was a SOS review on this and the Rumour a few years back, but the guy didn't seem to care much for the mangler because it wasn't as awesome on his guitar as the Rumuor.

i guess while i am at it i can ask if any one else might recomend any "weird" fx boxes from 4-5 hundred bones.
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Postby Taxidermy » Fri Jun 01, 2007 8:46 pm

I owned a mangler for a while. Well, owning was a bit of a stretch. I bought it on credit and returned it the last possible day before I had to pay, so I guess I kind of borrowed it from the store for a really long time.

The mangler is great. I would highly suggest it if you have $500 to spend. I used it mostly on beats, and it did nothing but add to the sound. The only problem I think I had with it, was the setups were not customizable (you would have to edit it straight from another preset). So if you wanted your reverb before the modulation before the aliasing distortion, and there wasn't a preset available with that setup, then you couldn't do it that way. But all the parameters for each effect was readily available from the menu.
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