Name ONE favorite pedal (+more)

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Postby kvnvk » Sat Feb 16, 2008 3:47 am

current favorite pedal is probably the Lastgasp Art Laboratories Cyber Psychic Parametric Oscillo Filter

other favorites include the ZVex Box Of Metal, EH Flanger Hoax, Alesis Bitrman, Boss Bass Equalizer and Hyper Fuzz, and Digitech PDS8000 Echo plus and PDS 20/20 Multi Play.
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Postby aeon » Sat Feb 16, 2008 6:17 am

I know I already posted in this thread, but I have expanded my answer to a Top-10 of sorts, with some blah-blah-blah:

  1. Analogman Sunlion - A 2-in-1 pedal that combines the Analogman Beano Boost and Analogman Sunface, which are modern top-spec clones of the UK-1960s Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster and Dallas Arbiter Fuzzface, using NOS NKT-275 germanium transistors. Articulate vintage fuzz sounds and/or true rangemaster treble boost. I love what this pedal can do with a British-voiced amp, especially a Vox AC30 into the normal channel.
  2. Boss DC-2 Dimension C - A pedal version of the Roland SDD-320 Dimension D from 1985 using companders and dual MN3005 BBDs. It offers only 4 pushbutton settings, like its rack counterpart, but this is no problem as it sounds so good. Lovely stereo shimmer without the detune and obvious modulation of most other analog chorus units. A wholly unique sound in the world of pedal effects, I love it on pads and clean electric guitar.
  3. Foxrox TZF Paradox - An original by Dave Fox, there has never been another pedal flanger like it. Dual BBD design means this flange goes through zero, just like the sound of 60s and 70s tape flanging. Envelope, LFO, and CV sweeps, mix control of TZF, modulation, and delay signals, and negative and positive polarity of regeneration. This pedal runs 36V DC internal, and has the headroom to prove it. Finally, a flanger with that classic thru-zero sound!
  4. Foxrox ZIM (VT, CS, BB, H9, BM, FF, T+) - A dual drive pedal that takes small plug-in circuit cards to alter the voicing of each of the two drive sections. Channel A has it's own Drive and Volume knobs, and an internal tone trimmer. It also has it's own Input and Output jacks. Channel B has all of the same features, with the addition of a special voicing circuit that offers 8 selectable stages of non-sweeping phase shift with the ability to boost or cut the selected range of frequencies. I have three cards that I place in A - Vintage Tube, Clean Smile, and Buffer Boost - all 3 are colored lead boosts. I have four cards that I place in B - H9, a "hot" boutique tubescreamer, BM, an interpretation of the classic EHX Big Muff, FF, a "fat fuzz" that mixes a hybrid germanium/silicon fuzz with a tonal overdrive, and T+, a boutique RAT, the sound of early 80s hard rock and metal.
  5. Lovetone Doppleganger - A twin-oscillator phaser/vibrato that can give animation to sound while seeming very transparent, or seeming quite psychedelic. Pedal control of each LFO, control of low- and high-frequency sweep, resonance, mix, phase/vibrato, and more. Other people have said:

    ...a watery/spacey sound on almost all settings, which I believe gives it the edge for lending subtle texture and depth to otherwise flat sounds...extremely smooth and the phasing can be kind of wont even notice a difference when youre playing, but when you turn off you'll be able to tell immediately that something is missing...a subtle movement to the notes...doesn't overtake your natural tone like other phasers. It works organically with the sound source...

  6. Moog MF-104SD Super Delay - 1400ms of totally analog delay. Overdrive color, knobs to play it like an instrument, switch to double/half time for octave jumps, external aux send/return for the delay taps, and CV control out the wazoo. This is a character delay to be sure, and its character is forward, not one suited for ambience textures. Fantastic for dub, but not the sound of tape. I own #150 of 250 made. The other 2 non-SD versions are just as worthy. Recommended.
  7. Moog MF-105 MuRF - A step-sequenced bandpass filter that can do all kinds of tricks from the subtle to the obvious. Like the Super Delay, the MuRF is loaded with CV control, making it a real team player in a studio with other CV gear, or one with a good MIDI->CV converter. There is one thing the MuRF does exceedingly well that is in line with my timbral tastes, and that is a shimmering, watery smear that has gliding liquid phasiness and harmonic blur. This is awesome with ebow guitar for lux aeterna tone.
  8. ProphecySound infinitphase mkII Custom - The unholy spawn of a Mu-Tron Bi-Phase and a zvex Seek Wah, this is a step-sequenced phaser on steroids. My unit is fully-blown with every option: 8 steps, LFO rate/symmetry/shape/depth, sequencer range, lag smoothing, CV mix, audio mix, pos/neg resonance, extended speed LFO, sample & hold, S&H rate, LFO height, pedal control of LFO rate, depth, sequencer range, manual phase sweep, and stereo outs. Yep, truly a phaser mini-synth in a pedal. #24 of 24 mkII units made. Took 9 months to build. You can look at a pic here.
  9. Red Witch Medusa - I have to love any pedal with knobs labelled "Bathos" and "Iridescence." This is a very limited (100?) analog chorus-trem pedal made by Ben Fulton in New Zealand. One unique thing about this chorus is the delay time can be adjusted to make the character range from hi-fi swirl-shimmer to lo-fi deep warble and swamp churn. There is also a gorgon mode for doing ring-mod-like tones. The trem is musical and when combined with the chorus you get lush rotary sounds. You can also use this pedal to do vibrato by using only the BBD signal. Chorus/mod executed at the top level of expression, this overbuilt unit may be the best analog chorus pedal ever made IMHO.
  10. zvex Fuzz Factory - A modern-voiced fuzz using NOS germanium transistors. This is freaky fuzz, acid fuzz, velcro fuzz, self-modulating fuzz with extra squeal and snarl. Not just for guitar, this is the fuzz to use when you want to cut through. Very bright, piercing even, so I tend to post-filter it. Works on so many sources that I ended up with two of them. I love how it can sound both wild and broken. Great for electronic music because of its synth-like oscillations and how it interacts with other pedals. A modern classic, and like no other fuzz.

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Postby piRoN » Sun Feb 17, 2008 7:08 am

My two favourites currently:

Zvex Fuzz Factory - It hisses, it squeals, it fizzes, it buzzes, and you're never quite sure what it'll do next. Plus it self-oscillates - does it get any cooler than that?

Biyang OTD-100 - Glorious rich valve distortion for next to nowt. It grinds, it crunches, but it never fizzes. Ever. And it runs the valves at full voltage!
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Postby clusterchord » Sun Feb 17, 2008 10:19 am

Favorite Pedal
Analog: vintage Small Stone, MXR envelope filter, mooger phaser, frostwave resonator, vintage (MN3005) MemoryMAn Deluxe. i like the demos of Diamond Halo and Zvex Wooly Mammoth a lot.

Favorite Rack
Analog: Mutronics Mutator, Boss DM-300, Ibanez AD-202, RE-201/501 space echo
Digital: Eventide, 3k/7k/8k series. Kyma - used as multieffect is beyond this world. ive heard it mangled during performance and shat my pants. Lexicons 224/300/480/70. Dynacords bbd and lofi reverbs.

Favorite Effect Chains
digital synth -> small stone -> space echo -> mutator
stirng machine -> moog phaser -> lex300 diffused delays.
a6 with its onboard hall mono -> eventide vast piched hall
rhodes -> mxr env filter -> lex300 diff delays

shaft9000 wrote:DUNLOP CRYBABY 535-Q
variable Q, frequency range, volume, and a pre-boost makes this the best CryBaby I've used yet. I've had 3 other CryBaby's, a Morley & a Vox and this wah imho is by far the best of them.
Makes for a wonderful dirty band-pass filter for your funky-sweepy needs. Fasel inductor helps to capture the sploogy 70's vibe, with more range this time around..

did u use it on synths, what type of sound does it work best with, any issues with synth levels being stronger than guitars..?

ive only listened to demos on dunlop site, and preferred the sound of crybaby classic.. most agressive hendrix-ey tone. i dont dig funky liquid that much, at least in wahs for synths.

anyone got an opinion on a recent MXR bass fuzz pedal, the Blow Torch.. it got that metalic/synthy fuzz, together with blend control.. seems everyone agrees it keeps the low end. im thinking of getting it to do some bass synth or beatbox mayhem ..
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Postby shaft9000 » Tue Mar 18, 2008 7:35 pm

clusterchord wrote: re:535Q
did u use it on synths, what type of sound does it work best with, any issues with synth levels being stronger than guitars..?

ive only listened to demos on dunlop site, and preferred the sound of crybaby classic.. most agressive hendrix-ey tone. i dont dig funky liquid that much, at least in wahs for synths.

here's a quick taste of Moog LP thru the 535Q :

there are other ranges & q levels available; that one was the "hairy balls" setting :)
the freq range is determined by the (stepped) chrome knob. in the soundfile i feature that knob at two different settings. the level and resonance/q can also be adjusted freely via the 2 black knobs plus there's a red boost switch that adds ~6dB iirc.
i haven't had any problem with it handling a good loud synth input straight out of the Moog. Haven't used it much with the others though.
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Postby ColorForm2113 » Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:11 pm

johans121 wrote:How about this combination!!??!!?!?!?!?!

If you pump percussive bass through this, it f**k' "breathes"! And I'm not talking about a subwoofer breathing here either. This s**t talks to you.


WOW do you have any samples of that?
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Postby MPrint » Wed Apr 16, 2008 1:12 am

I'd go with a Moogerfooger Ring Mod
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Postby xibalba » Thu May 01, 2008 2:31 pm

I think the whole line of ModFx pedals, cheap (usually) but always jam packed full of different features.

Fave multi efx - alesis ineko like i stated in the review section if this had all four arrows to scroll through efx it would be the god of efx and its usually hella cheap too!
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Postby nuketifromorbit » Sat May 03, 2008 1:05 am

Devi Ever Soda Mieser
Its great as a normal fuzz, but flick on the chaos mode and its pure insanity. Adjusting the volume of the instrument being fed into the pedal has interesting effects upon the sound, and often results in a glitchy stuttering decay. It seems to generate lots of synth like electrical textures and it blows my old proco rat 2 out of the water. In addition to this it works in interesting ways with Devi's other fuzz pedals.

Copilotfx Antenna 1/2
It sounds like a rather unique mix of decimation and ringmodulation.
I can understand how some might not enjoy this effect due to the fact that it allows certain frequencies to pass through. However it is this aspect that makes me love the pedal, for I feel that often enough ring-modulators and decimators tend to make everything sound samey.

The best thing about both of these boxes is that they can be used as noise generators and are built like brick s**t houses. In addition to this I'd much rather pay 73 shipped for my Soda Mieser and the 135 for my antenna than shell out 150 to 200 dollars for an alesis bitrman.
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Postby Dane_Xoth » Wed Jun 18, 2008 12:14 pm

+1 on the Alesis Bitrman. It's everything i've ever wanted in a distrtion/noise box. Being shipped, so will be reunited soon.

For straight distortion i love my Zoom 5000

I've been experienting with my A/K-station's onboard effects. i've made patches that trigger the Arpeggiator (non Latch) for weird delay like stuff.

Been wanting to experiment with my Waldorf XT and Attack.
XT needs a MIDI note to trigger the input Amp Env. Boo!
I'm Wondering with the Attack if i can set up several sounds to do a 'layered' input with seperate effects routing and modulation. :shock: :twisted: :D
It could get messy.
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Re: Name ONE favorite pedal (+more)

Postby donpepperoni » Sat Oct 04, 2008 2:30 am

Reading through this there seems to be one huge point that nobody is talking about. If you get real analogue pedals that are cv controlable then you can build a type of modular synth system with it. I have a Moog CP251 and link that up to some Moogerfooger pedals (Bass Murph, Ring Modulator and Phaser). Also the Frostwave Resonator is wicked too. If you are interested in rack type stuff the Sherman Filterbank is the Nastiest, dirtiest thing around. That is CV controlable too. If you have CV inputs in your synth then this opens up whole new possibilities. I am waiting for an expansion box for my Moog Voyager rack (VX-352) and can't wait to explore this area. Does anybody have any suggestions of good pedals with CV to work in my set up which I have not mentioned?
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Re: Name ONE favorite pedal (+more)

Postby ColorForm2113 » Sat Oct 04, 2008 6:06 pm

freqbox? you can have yourself a real guitar synth setup then
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Postby crystalmsc » Mon Oct 06, 2008 10:29 am

just scored a mint condition SYB-3 which considered rare for a unit of it's age. and it's my current fav box.
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Re: Name ONE favorite pedal (+more)

Postby nvbrkr » Sat Jan 17, 2009 6:52 pm

Pearl F-605 Electro Echo


Terrible amount of clock noise, but there's nothing quite like it. I don't know what will I do the day it will c**p out eventually (and it will).
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Re: Name ONE favorite pedal (+more)

Postby hageir » Mon Jan 26, 2009 12:15 am

nvbrkr wrote:Pearl F-605 Electro Echo


Terrible amount of clock noise, but there's nothing quite like it. I don't know what will I do the day it will c**p out eventually (and it will).

nice, you could try to open it and see if there's a trimpot for the Low Pass Filter (which was used to filter out the clocknoise = darker echoes)
BBD echoes usually have that pot ;)
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