TC Electronics G Sharp?

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TC Electronics G Sharp?

Postby jim777 » Tue Dec 17, 2013 5:32 pm

Has anyone used this in their rack? It's an older unit, but seems pretty flexible and even has a foot switch. I'm looking for something to have in my rack as a stereo effects unit, with some digital delay/chorus/reverb.

I have a very sparse rack, with just the mixer and power amp at the moment so this would be in the stereo loop of the mixer (a Carvin 16 channel). I also have a number of pedals I use for specific instruments so this wouldn't need to do everything, but I don't want to get something crappy, which this shouldn't be, or seriously buggy, which I have no idea about.

Also, is it transparent? That's more important than easy to program and such.

thanks in advance :)
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