warming up a mix?

Discussions on sound production outside the synthesizer such as mixing, processing, recording, editing and mastering.
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Re: warming up a mix?

Post by phesago » Tue Mar 25, 2014 11:59 pm

Cruel Hoax's advice is stellar, I thoroughly enjoyed that!

How come no one has mentioned cilantro? God damn that goes well in chili.

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Cruel Hoax
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Re: warming up a mix?

Post by Cruel Hoax » Thu Mar 27, 2014 6:33 am

Okay, if it's about chili now, the chorizo is a given, tallow.. Also, a little bit of unsweetened cocoa (and maybe coffee, but watch the acidity!)

Ooh, mango sounds great. Infinity Curve! Just used apricots in a brioche under pineapple j**k pork, so I guess I'm on a fruit-in-savory-dishes kick. Never woulda thunk crushed walnuts would do it, though. Huh!

Plugin-wise, PSP's Vintage Warmer isn't a bad compressor on the 2-mix. It even has a wet/dry control, to leave some dynamics unsquished. I don't use it for final "loudness" so very much, but it can add a nice glue, if you add it early in your mixing process and "mix into it." Compare and contrast the single-band and multi-band modes: single-band is more audible (not a bad thing for aggressive music) whilst multi-band is more transparent (not a bad thing for smoother music.)

I must be the only guy who isn't a fan of the SSL dynamics, either in hardware or software. I prefer a Trident or a Neve, if we're gonna talk console channel strips. Give me a camera with a little pleasant distortion over a "perfect" image many times, if the object is to capture vibe and attitude.


Edit: dammit, my cilantro plants are succumbing to root-rot. None for me yet!
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