I'm looking for a professional producer to improve my songs.

Discussions on sound production outside the synthesizer such as mixing, processing, recording, editing and mastering.
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Re: I'm looking for a professional producer to improve my so

Post by dustinh » Sat Feb 07, 2015 9:07 pm

If you want some good advice for making professional stuff in the box. Subscribe to this guy's channel. His stuff is top notch and he has an endless array of tutorials on his youtube page. One of the best resources i've found for modern electronic music. Here's a sample of some of the music he makes entirely in the box.

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Re: I'm looking for a professional producer to improve my so

Post by ninja6485 » Sat Feb 07, 2015 10:07 pm

http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default ... dID=150623

You know, the songs that have 2014 after them are not really that bad - the biggest problems seem to be the vocals being too low and muddy. I think you can get a lot further if you put some effort into perfecting your mixes. Identify what bugs you in the mix, try to figure out why they're not satisfying, and research some ways to possibly correct the problems that bug you. Why don't you cut these up into small segments, and then cut up 4 or 5 of your favorite songs into similarly sized segments, and create a file where you jumble them up so you can hear how your tracks differ in context? With proper mixing, these could sound excellent. None of these tracks should have anything done to them as far as post production is concerned at this point. I would also find a place where you can project your voice a bit more for your vocal takes - at the moment you have the 'talking into the mic' thing going on, which isn't necessarily bad, but conveys a bedroom producer feel that might be bothering you. Something else to watch out for would be when you find that certain parts come across a little bland, you need to experiment with some techniques with your effects to bring them to life. Some parts would sound a lot for impressive if they just had a little delay, or some creative panning and layering with chorus or flanging effects, etc.. Another huge problem with effects and mixing is to nail the mixing reverbs to glue everything together and make them sound like they're all part of one unified sound source. Also, you have a song called Rock 'N' Roll Synth (The Raging Darkhorse), but it's not the first song that people see when they click on your page. You must fix this. We all need Rock 'N' Roll Synth (The Raging Darkhorse) 2015. It also sounds like a good place to start since a lot of the parts are already decent as far as effects saturation and panning is concerned, and it's not overly complex.
This looks like a psychotropic reaction. No wonder it's so popular...

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Re: I'm looking for a professional producer to improve my so

Post by jxalex » Wed Apr 12, 2017 8:51 pm

Strange nothes...
just revival of old thread where I see something I recognize.
SYNTHMAN1978 wrote:There is NO way I can't get a professional hard pumping dance tracks and bass tracks just using Vengeance Phalanx with a Vengeance analogue drums kit using Cubase 7.5,a Roland Quad Capture.
I paid for 200 pounds for a professional review on Tunecore and it asked about 200 fans on iTunes what they thought of the song. They said that they could hear the bass properly and the drum track wasn't loud enough. I had bassically Compressed the living s**t out of those tracks.
...which is proof that the 200GBP was wasted money for this sort of feedback and these who gave feedback were incapable of any analysis at all.

I got too some sort of similar feedback for my first tunes ca "just adjust the bass a bit and compress together" (and for free). Well, I took that misleading feedback as a statement that otherwise my tune was perfect. Well... was it?
NO! This sort of feedback showed only what the listener was capable of grasping -- the sound engineering details. At the same time all these aspects about the arrangement were just beyond his grasp. From other colleauge who was atleast 30 years in this branch I heard totally different things, where soundengineering was included too, but just a one chapter in a big book.
After that I noticed that these are 90% cases what the comments are about in all other forums and threads - sound engineering and production details, even if the timing sucks, voice is out of tune and out-of tune instruments. And from those the advice is not really worth.

The guys tunes are really suffering under the sound engineering details, and perhaps thats why he got this sort of comment as it was a really troublesome to hear something, BUT really that guy should not be lost into sound engineering details! The recording just must be "good enough", but music is the most important. The the sound engineering is just a tiny department compared to the most important thing it must deliver -- the music. But ironic enough, the dudes are focused about sound engineering in a music production forums.

Well, I see that the problem or troubles are perhaps the disinformation on the websites and advertisers who try to sell
the stuff, which makes to think that it makes all you need to get satisfied result to You. "the secret red button".

I have never had trouble to make the decend mixes in just a 5 minutes for the whole 16..24 tracks, it has never been a problem. Only thing is if just trying to do too much (excessive delays, reverbs, multiband compression, exciters), and in a no particular reason, but only "becouse it is there" and not needed really. (And even if I have multiband mastering processor I really do not use it, as I get most pleasurable results by applying no multiband-processing at all, but counting for mastering just hi-pass, low cut, stereo width adjustment).

ANd to get some pleasurable mixes, very little is needed, but thats something what the sellers and advertisers certainly hate, as then they cant sell the extra things to producer what they certainly do not need.

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